Fridays… i can’t stop using beauty oils

here in the beauty lab we test and test beauty products and only our very favorites make it to the “best of the beauty closet”  so listen up yo!

Best face oils | face oil review | beauty blogger picks


i am hooked. obsessed. in the tank and every other cliche to mean “addicted” to face oils. you can find a beauty oil for everything from your face to hair or even cleansers now but  this dry skinned girl is being rocked by face oils. lacey, my fave beauty partner in crime got me addicted on oils about a year ago and i haven’t looked back. i jones for the new oil coming out. i live for slathering it on my face and feeling all dewy and glowy throughout the day. in a nutshell, face oils make my friday ” i can’t stop series” as well as “best of the beauty closet” because i literally cannot stop using them.

lets break them down, left to right.

1. Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Vitamin C: aside from the yummy citrus smell this lightweight oil is quite literally an oil without being greasy. figure that one out will ya?  this one is packed with Vitamin A and C and anti-aging ingredients and boasts all sorts of benefits aside from hydration. it will repair, brighten and help defend against future damage. The bottom line: my skin feels nourished and brighter.

2. Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil:  this oil i love for being a little more heavy duty. after a few months of morning sickness when i layed in bed for hours on end, my skin felt well, just gross. i felt puffy and dehydrated from not being able to keep water or liquids down. this face oil is great for sensitive skin and you will wake up with better looking skin.

3. Josie Maran Aragan Oil (sensitive and acne prone skin) : from the girl who started the whole beauty oil craze, Josie Maran lit the beauty world up with this oil. this is the first oil i tried and fell in love with. not to mention i rub it on my kids dry patches, my cuticles… pretty much any place that needs that little umph. it heals, it hydrates and has anti-aging properties. if you are a girl with sensitive or acne prone skin this is the oil to try.

so tell me, have you tried them yet? what do you think of beauty oils?

tween style… dances

tween fashion | what to wear to school dance

i will never forget dancing to boys to men, The End of the Road.  My perfectly straight arm clasped on his shoulder swaying under the disco lights at my middle school. Back and forth from one foot to the other, almost as though you were making Legos dance.  every boys’ hair was expertly gelled down per their cool older brother instructions times 1o.  the smell of stolen cologne from their dad’s medicine cabinet permeated the air leaving you feeling slightly nauseous and light headed all at once. coupled with the loss of blood from my horrible, newly acquired shaving skills and it was a recipe for pure love. enter the age of the middle school dance.

awkward but fun. carefree but not at all. a time to take some fashion risks, like my floral body suit and high waisted mauve bongo jean skirt. it is a tough spot. girls want to look cool but not trying to hard, comfortable but not babyish. lets talk about it.

i have gotten several requests lately to address tween style and i am excited to do so. I have answered a few personal emails about it but i thought this one could probably benefit more then one mama/daughter out there. one of my favorite tweens is going to her daddy/daughter dance soon and is stuck on a very common problem.

” i don’t fit in juniors, but i don’t want to look like a baby. what do i wear?”

i love this question and am happy to give a little round up of outfits i think would be cool enough and not too old and not too young for the cutest tween in your life.

maybe send a face mask for all the cologne, eh?

1. black neoprene dress. i like this dress for two reasons, okay three. 1. it is neoprene which is one of the coolest fabrics trending right now. 2. it is black, my fave. 3. it is a razor back. so cute on little shoulders while not being a spaghetti strap so they can wear a bra.

2. cream lace shift dress: paired with combat boots or fringe booties and you are set.

3. dr. marten mary janes

4. metallic shift dress: i love this dress just how they styled it. metallic keeps it interesting at night while the straight cut makes it modern and cool. love it paired with boots.

5. leather moto jacket: add this jacket to any dress and it is instantly edgier.

6. boho peasant dress: feeling a little boho chic? try this with fringed boots and a great braid.

7. leather sandal

8. suede fringe dress: i just died.

messy bun image, via pinterest board here.

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Fridays, I can’t stop… listening to Podcasts

serial podcast

i patiently waited for my sister in law to join us for a day of painting with the kids at Color Me Mine during Christmas break. She sent her son in and followed a little after. I figured just another day in the life of a nursing mom but then she dropped the most delightful bomb ever.
“do you listen to serial?” she said. “what?” was my basic response. then she went on to tell me about the podcast, Serial from The American Life and how its gripping nature will literally prevent you from getting out of your car until the episode is finished. I downloaded the podcast the next week and  found myself, sitting in the car, outside of Target, listening and not moving.

I texted her everyday as I devoured the podcast. things like.

“who did it?”

“do you think he is a sociopath?”

“i am not sure why i am obsessed but i think it is the narrator’s voice.”

then sadly it ended. just like when finishing Harry Potter or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, i mourned Serial. I wanted to reach for it and listen again. i kept checking my phone to see if maybe just maybe i missed an episode and could listen again.  I thought about the characters, who are in fact not characters but real live people, dealing with a real live murder investigation and trial. I did that really annoying thing where you try to talk to people about it that don’t listen and explain it’s brilliance.

This week i found a new list for those of us addicted to Serial to listen to until Serial comes back on. Check it out over here on the Coveteur. Excuse me now while i sit in my car.

This Friday, I just can’t stop listening to these podcasts.

Invisibilia: The Secret History of Thoughts

what else can i not stop this week? i can’t stop wearing these heels. they are high but the heel is blocky enough that i have worn them three times this week alone. perfect for a night with the girls and some meetings. and they are to die for in tan also! get them. you won’t regret it.

dolce vita heels

dolce vita nakita woven heelpaired with this pleated leather midi skirt and you are gonna be reeeal happy.

trouve pleated metallic skirt



ruby tuesdays… the noncomplainer

sick ruby

there are blessings that come with a noncomplainer. whining is kept to a minimum. you can get away with handing them the last drink, it can be the wrong flavor they are fine, they figure it out. if a complaint does escape their lips it is brief and they move on.

“i want to sit in the back.”

“not today.”

“ahh, okay.”

it is kind of  a relief from the normalcy of trying to placid everyone else all day.  the downside of the noncomplainer is that they can be overlooked. ya know the whole squeaky wheel thing. we have a lot of squeaks around here and they definitely soak up a lot of oil. sometimes all the oil i have.

ruby is my noncomplainer. while in mammoth this weekend she woke up one night warm and thirsty, but not complaining and we hadn’t quite mastered the whole temperature control in the room so everyone was warm. the next morning she couldn’t wait to get to the mountain for ski school. we got up. she ate breakfast. she dressed. no complaints even after asking several times if she was feeling okay, checking her forehead etc.

ski bunny

after an afternoon of skiing i got a call from a friend that my little ruby tuesday was done for the day. that’s all. as i walked up to the slopes i noticed a little body laying at the bottom of the chair lifts. i almost passed out, she had to be hurt. my friend was trying to save me from some really horrible news with all that, “she’s done” talk in his calm collected voice. i know better. that is what friends/fellow parents do. you call all calm like so the parent doesn’t panic. i have played this game before.

sleeping in the snow the non complainer kid

Luckily she wasn’t injured.  she really was done. dead asleep on her instructor’s jacket right there at the lifts. no broken bones, no blood.  obviously i knew right away she wasn’t feeling well. i mean who could fall asleep in the snow, right? unfortunately i can’t carry her and my dear friend had to shlep her completely dead weight body all the way back to the condo. now that is friendship. she couldn’t feel her arms for days.

i have been told i spend an extra amount of attention on my little girl on this blog or my instagram and i see that as a good thing. Because you see, she rarely makes a fuss and when she does she is easy to please and return back to an even keeled state. if i give her extra attention, especially here where she has her very own Ruby Tuesdays, that is fine by me. the girl deserves it. in fact, she can be so easy going about things that she often gets swept up in all the boy activities and my hus and i have to stop and say “when was the last time ruby got to choose what we do?” she gets shlepped from the baseball fields to football practice. she patiently plays on her iPod while i calm my other boys’ nerves and creates crazy art projects in her room while i help myes through piles of homework.

after a trip to the doctor we found out she had a sinus infection. she is on the mend… and not complaining.

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