what i wore wednesday in fiji

packing for fiji was one of my favorite parts of the trip. i love bathing suits and i love beachwear and although i am having a minor freak out over posting pics of myself in a bathing suit for the integrity of the trip i have to do it. you understand and i understand that i am not a model. but i had fun on this trip. lots of fun with my family and reeeelaxxing. that is what i hope you see. not my rolls or or my imperfections but what a relaxing and fun time we had in paradise. now that i am good at. i can be a great model for that.

what i wore wednesday in fiji 4 bathing suits for fiji vacation what i wore wednesday in fiji what i wore fiji 5 what i wore fiji 3 tavarua at sunset

what i wore to fiji 2

myes in fiji ello in fiji 2 what i wore wednesday in fiji 8 what i wore in fiji 7 me and my boo

black sundress for the beachcream dress with fringe ( rvca from local surf shop) / chunky stone necklace (which i accidentally stole from a store and didn’t realize it until i unloaded all the bags off my arm and then it was still dangling there and i had to go back into the store and pay for it.)

black dress (more pics of this coming soon)- i have worn at least six times since taking the tags off a two weeks ago. no lie. / hat / sandals/ ikat kimono / bathing suit top with sleeves (thank you Ashley! as soon as she pulled this baby out for her trip to hawaii i got online and ordered it.) / bathing suit bottoms (old from free people) / lace kimono/ army green tee/ handbag/ bracelets- I was so happy to find these affordable pieces at francesca’s perfect for adding something special at night.


the hulls go to fiji part 1…

so we went to fiji. it was amazing. everything you think its going to be.  the 11 hour plane ride from LA to Fiji was giving me some anxiety and we were so pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. the kids each had a backpack with their i-whatever and a handmade travel bag from nana. literally made out of dishtowels and filled with travel goodies (again how the h*!! did i get this mother).

so lets talk about it. and at the end i will wrap it up with answering the question i ask myself everyday “why?”

traveling with kids 1traveling with kids 2

myes: sweatshirt – his comfy fave from one of our favorite family’s / vans backpack / hat / shorts

ruby: dress / leggings/ sandals on sale right now from $19 to $14

ello:/ backpack / hat

i loved watching myes on this trip.  new things were happening all around us, starting with international check in and customs and myes stepped up and stepped up (aside from a few people who had to jump out of the way of his cart driving) he helped entertain ello and even had a good attitude when he didn’t sleep a wink on the 11 hour red eye flight. his help was priceless.

traveling to tavarua with kids

we had a direct flight into fiji from LA. lifesaver. once on the big island of fiji a boat picked us up and drove us about twenty minutes to the actual island we would be staying on for the week, Tavarua.

hulls go to tavarua 2 hulls travel to fiji 3

hulls go to tavarua 5

tavarua is tiny. and i mean tiny. we paddle boarded around it in about 40 minutes and that was lugging miss james behind us ( i mean behind sister) on her board. no cars, no scooters, no golf carts or motor vehicles of any kind on this island. tiny. amazing.

so why pick such a tiny island? this is why and this and this. this heart shaped island is surrounded by some of the best waves in the world. the boys surfed all day and sister and i lounged and read books by the pool, surfed a couple times,  paddle boarded, swam in the warm warm ocean, did morning yoga and repaired stubbed toes from the rough stone walkways again and again.

hulls go to tavarua hulls go to tavarua2

the people. i wish i could describe to you the warmth of these people. they greeted us with the most beautiful singing and music. and right then and there on the white sandy beaches, they stole our hearts. so we had to steal their’s back and one little cat in particular did the trick, ello. my white haired 3 1/2 year old took their hearts and never gave it back. he said to me today “mom, i miss nancy and joy”. don’t ask me why some of their names were “Alei” and “Lao” and some are “Nancy” and “Joy”. mysteries. but let me tell you, if I am the “Barbara” on the island and my sister’s name is “Naleiol” i am pissed. seriously. anyways, they fell in love with leo, more on that this week.

tavarua with the family

we had these hammocks in front of our house or “bure” as they are called. they were dreamy and got plenty of use by readers, snackers and baby nappers.hulls go to tavarua 4 hulls go to tavarua 2

and missy? she was really busy on this trip. it was a sort of letting go time for me with her. she played with friends and ran around ordering $6 popsicles from the store and then looking all doe-eyed and innocent at me (have you seen her doe-eyes? its tough.)  she loved collecting coconuts and stashing them under a tree. she collected thirty with her cousin, Saylor. literally thirty.

hulls go to tavarua 3

tank by of one sea

hulls go to tavarua 7 hulls go to tavarua 6

and last but not least. a question i ask myself a lot. why? why blog? why mother the way i do? why take my kids outside so much? why try to create experiences for them? why listen to them rant for twenty minutes? why? why? why? because for me, our surroundings and our environment have the ability to create a great connection to God and to ourselves. when we feel comfortable. when we feel joyful. when we feel grateful. when we feel safe. we feel God. that is why.

why i believe

don’t forget to check back tomorrow for “what i wore wednesdays”… fiji edition.

monday rad deals…

hello! i am back from fiji and i can’t wait to share some of my trip with you this week! including the dress i couldn’t get enough of!! today for monday rad deals i was thinking little ways to refresh the spring wardrobe for under $50. fringe sandals? yes please.


1.  stripe tee $15.99 / 2. toddler denim top $13.99 - i can’t handle the cuteness of this. paired with leggings or harem shorts and i am done.  3. the chords tee $9.90/ 4. stripe fabric shoes for boys or girls $14.99 / 5. floral harem shorts $22.99 / 6.fringe sandals $46/

life curator… i mean hoarder

towards the end of a recent interview with an online publication the interviewer said to me “so would you say you are a curator?” the word “curator” has stuck with me ever since. in my fascination i looked up the definition and it means “ a person who selects content for presentation, as on a website.” okay, i know there is some controversy surrounding the title of curator on the web but i won’t touch that. with that aside i thought, ” yes that is what i do on my site, but what do i do in life?”

in life i would say i am more of a hoarder, a “moments hoarder” things don’t look perfect for presentation. things are messy and out of control and oh so so happy. i literally hoard moments of my life at every turn. my computer bulges at the seams with photographs, my phone consistently has over 1200 pictures on it at any given moment. myes and i write a journal to each other each night about our day and i log journals for each of my kids in my computer. i want to capture every moment. i want to breathe it and feel it and save it forever in my bottom basement stocked with rows of paper towels and canned beans and generic toothpaste. so here is my new series… life curator. join me a few times a month to see the life i have collected and hoarded and how i curated it for you.

my husband is a swell watcher, like most guys in southern california. they have the app on their phones, they watch the cameras at the beach and as soon as a “swell comes in” they are there ready to surf.

All week he had been talking about this massive swell that came in so one Sunday morning we made hot chocolate, bundled up the kids in the drizzling weather and headed to the beach.

teaching our kids to find peace and love in nature family outing to watch the storm mommy son date ideas

he was right. the swell was insane. huge. gigantic. only two surfers were out in the water and one was paddling in as we arrived because his board had been ripped from his body and washed ashore.  

the week the swell came in happened to be a life changing week for us. things were changing in our home and famiily dynamics and we knew our time was going to be more stretched and more limited then ever. i will cherish this Sunday morning. it was dreamy and memorable and squeezing my kids in the salty sea air made me feel as though life was perfect.


ruby tuesdays… nail designs for little girls

as soon as ruby set eyes on this  totally cool nails  book (click title to purchase in time for stuffing your little girl or tweens Easter basket) sent to us by Catherine Rogers, creator of this popular nail design YouTube channel,  she was obsessed with painting our nails together. she skimmed the pages and immediately picked this geometric design, skipping past the cupcakes, ombre and puppies designs but taking special note of their awesomeness. we quickly got to work because you know about our special time together.

totally cool nails book for little girls painting nails with little girls | the blue closet

speaking of time together (see here) she loooves doing nails in my bathroom. with all the boy shenanigans around here (surfing, skating and baseball) we deserve some pure girl time every once in a while. we love it. we take it. we have a blast.

geometric nail design for kids | the blue closet nail designs for little girls | the blue closet