ruby tuesdays…getting ready for 5

miss ruby is getting ready to turn 5.

she thinks she can read and write and sass just like her older brother.

i am begging her to stay four. BEGGGGGING.

“ruby, please don’t turn five.”

“i have to mom. i am sorry.”

five is different.

five is big.

five means elementary school.

five means six is not far behind and i am in no place to handle six because it is official “big kid” status.

out of the baby gap, out of the baby section at target.

i tried to stop you at three. i would like all my children to stay three, but they never do.

these past few weeks have been the definition of bittersweet for me. that confusing and emotional combination of heart warming and heart breaking all at once that makes you pause and take notice.

i am proud of her independence, of her strong will to have fun, of her ability to let people be who they are.

she has opinions of her own.

she likes her hair down or in a ponytail.

she only likes the peach flavored yogurt.

she gets herself a drink of water out of her own cup and slices her own bananas.

she loves rice cakes with cream cheese, while no other person in our family eats that.

she prefers gymnastics to dance.

but you are only four years old my love! at least for another few weeks. so i am going to learn from her and embrace this newness. this change. this growing thing and grow along with her.

what things do you do with your little girl to bring your closer together and embrace growing up?

bw ruby reading


ruby reading magazines web

jcrew factory cardigan (old) / j crew tee (old) similar here / necklace made by her

just keep flippin through that glossy mag my little/big love.

pick out that nail polish and we will paint together…because maybe that is what five year olds do.

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