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my shadow…#printsandpatterns


like most moms the end of the school year is busy. days are filled with last minute class projects, field trips, talent shows, graduations and baseball games. sometimes i think may and june are just as busy as december.

as the very last (except not really because there is still 10 ft. of moulding to put in) construction worker pulled his dusty rig from our driveway last week. i did a dance. a happy dance. a very happy dance. i forget what a homebody i am until i have to spend my days out of my home, avoiding construction workers and dust and fumes and nails and 1,000,000 other dangers.

since the workers have left i have been home. and my shadow has been right there with me. i could breathe this week. so i took one look at this boy with “white hair” and said, “ello, want to play tracks?”

“yesh!”  he said.

we set up tracks. we rode monster trucks along the couch and flipped them off the ottoman. in case you didn’t know, and i did not, the ottoman is the best place for monster truck flipping to happen.

ello crew cuts bw

and then he hung around a lot in my bathroom as i put things away. he never stops talking. there is a constant running commentary on the goings on of the house when ello is around.

“mom, what color my humpback whale shorts? do you like humpback whales mom? they nice. killer whales will eat you out of the water but not humpback whales because they have stripes. i have stripes too. you like my stripes mom? you see my stripes mom?”
ello bw tank

ello in crew cuts 3

“mom, you like my tank top? you see my muscles?”

ello in crew cuts swim

ello in crew cuts tank

this guy goes everywhere with me. he is my shadow. my sweet shadow with the white hair and the endless supply of questions.

ello crew cuts tank and shorts

ello tub


ello tub 2


 crew cuts tank and shorts #printandpatterns


  1. Love him, his curiosity, being so adventurous, bouncy and according to previous posts -hungry. Too cute!

  2. I like your humpback whales, Ello!!

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