my beauty closet…favorite nude lipsticks

i love to try new lipsticks in all colors but when it comes down to my day to day color… i have a bit of a NUDE LIPSTICK hoarding issue.

i decided to narrow it down to my favorite 10 and then my all time top 3 colors…and then i will obsessively explain how i justify my issue.

lipstick bag

how to pick nude lipstick have you been to space nk? i stumbled upon it quite literally while in santa barbara with my sister in law. it is like a really fancy beauty product store with all the fancy names you cannot pronounce and don’t want to try because they look spency… BUT here is what sucks you in…the sales lady. she was the sweetest, most helpful and didn’t make you feel dumb at all for not knowing these european brands. in fact she gave us tips and tricks and samples all over the store. needless to say our “running to the grocery store” trip took much longer then expected.

she told us the best way to find your nude color is to hold up your ring finger and the lipstick side by side. they should be closely matching in color. boom! love a little nugget like that.picking nude lipsticksbest nude lipsticks

Nars Buenoes Aires / Revlon Honey Bare / Nars Honolulu Honey / Rimmel Nude Delight / Hourglass Nude No. 4 / Bobbie Brown Beige / Milani Nude Creme / Tom Ford Spanish Pink / YSL pink beige / Tom Ford Sable Smoke

lipstick line up

I slipped one more into this shot, Loreal Fairest Nude. to the right of Bobbie Brown.

so which are at the top of my list?  i find myself reaching for these two the most:

Nars Honolulu Honey – I love this one so much because it is a little peachy. i find myself constantly swirling it on my cheeks to freshen up mid day.

Tom Ford Sable Smoke & Spanish Pink – I know it is expensive. it is and it is very similar to Bobbi Brown and Hourglass. However, Tom Fords lipsticks stay on so much longer then most, like mine usually last 4-6 hours. and the texture is just dreamy. dreamy i tell you. they are hard to find though. i almost always order online because they are sold out in the store every time. I love Bobbi Brown and use it often but if i want a lipstick work horse, its Tom Ford. so if lipstick is in the budget, i go with Mr. Ford, if not i have 9 other lovely options available. justification complete.


  1. LOVE this post! I always need helping picking out a lipstick, and I always go on your blog while i’m shopping to see what you recommend–true story

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