my stocking stuffers picks from crew cuts

i have some exciting things coming up this week that you are NOT going to want to miss. i am getting together with one of my favorite blogs to bring you something real special. i will be announcing the news on Wednesday and lets just say… we might be helping you get your stockings stuffed early this year.  today, tomorrow and tuesday i will be posting some hints as to what is coming up so stay tuned for this great event from one of our FAVORITE brands.

Speaking of stuffing stockings (and a small hint wink wink) here are my stocking stuffer picks from crew cuts all UNDER $20 and just as adorable as we expect from crew cuts.

stocking stuffers from crew cuts

1 so cute and bright to open up christmas morning/ 2/ 3/ 4 & heart composition book/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9 NEON GLITTER nail polish pens… bam two trends in one tiny tube/ 10 temporary wrist watch tattoo and the friendship bracelet version are just as darling/ 11/ 12 mocs for baby under $20 bucks! get out./ 13/ 14 / 15 okay so technically this isn’t under $20, it is $20 but i can’t help but share such a versatile piece. we love a pouch in our house.  use this handy little guy to store pencils, rainbow loom bracelets, teck decks, matchbox cars, art supplies, chapstick, nail polish or head phones and chargers.

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  1. avatar brittneyzeedik says:

    Sooo many good ones!! The womens gift list is killing me too…..

  2. avatar brittneyzeedik says:

    sooo many good picks!! The womans gift list is killing me too…..

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