ruby tuesdays… the violin

ruby has begged and pleaded with us let her take violin lessons for months. this little miss has a tendency to get real excited about something and then want to quit three lessons, practices or tries in, so i waited to see if this violin phase would pass too until she was a little older. it didn’t.  now you must know that i do not have a musical bone in my body. not one. when they say “pitchy” on American Idol i have no clue what they are talking about. i have never taken a lesson. never picked up an instrument. never sang my heart out in front of people. nothing.

ruby violin ruby violin 3

however, we do have some major musical talent in my family. my father’s voice is unreal. he is too shy to share it often but some of my most vivid memories growing up are sitting at my dad’s feet and listening to him play the guitar. no formal training. he taught himself and can play anything by ear. he is kind of amazing like that.

As a mom we always want MORE for our kids thought, right? they are going to be braver and smarter and more talented then we ever were. once we established her true desire to play we figured out lessons for her and i mean, just the cuteness of this tiny violin is almost enough just to watch.

ruby violinruby violin 2it is screechy and scratchy and kind of horrible. i think i now know what “pitchy” means but she loves it and she practices. literally practices… when she can stop with the shenanigans with her college student violin teacher, she is golden. and who knows? maybe we will have some musical bones in this family. i can only hope.

ruby’s wearing: vest (old from old navy but find similar jackets here) / sweatshirt from target / shorts (old from peek kids)




  1. the tiniest most adorable violin ever! and i had NO idea your dad could sing!

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