ruby tuesdays… she can’t stop with the window sill either

my beautiful, hoarding, collecting counter part can’t stop putting her collections in the windows as well. this week at the beach she collected 109 shells, moon rocks and pieces of sea glass. yes 109 one day and then myes upped her collection to 319 the next day. the shores were so good for treasure hunting this week.  after perfecting her display she sat down with ello to read him his favorite book with the words she has added to her reading repertoire. I Love You Stinky Face is a family favorite and Ruby has been practicing all her new literacy skills on her white haired shadow and he couldn’t be happier to have one more person pour over books for him.

Ruby tuesdays organizing our shells the blue closet 2 reading together ello ruby and mama rocks in the window sill ello and ruby tuesdays The Blue Closet Ruby Tuesdays 1 ello and ruby reading together

on ruby:  jumper me: dress (in store h&m similar here and here)


  1. those pictures are precious!

  2. So sweet! Love the picture wall!

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