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the blue closet is a place for style and a place for love. after years of people asking me “where did you find that?”  the blue closet is a place for  fashion, beauty, trends, deals and kids fashion with a little family love sprinkled on top.  like you are talking to your trusted girlfriend. a really short, freckle faced, distressed jeans obsessed, fresh pack of markers loving, trusted girlfriend.  welcome, so glad you are here.

at the age of four my fashion memories begin. that is when i got acid wash, tapered jeans with fourteen pockets! fourteen pockets. can you imagine my bliss? this is when i knew. i knew getting dressed everyday would make me happy for the rest of my life….because i had fourteen acid washed pockets and what could make a four year old happier then that? nothing.

so those kids of mine, they got the bug too.  especially my oldest son, myes. he only wore blue for two years.

blue. for. two. years. straight.

because in his mind it was the only acceptable color.

this is how i ended up with “the blue closet”.

in his closet literally hung rows and rows of blue.

myes might love to online shop more then i do, especially for shoes. the boy loves his shoes. he is the most intense, loyal and kind hearted child that is terrified of heights but could live outside swimming and beaching and playing baseball and skateboarding…and basically does.

my daughter, ruby, all things mystical. we are talking a true hippie at heart. she is free spirited yet fiesty and kind. she loves crystals and fairies and making forts and swimming like a mermaid. she can’t get her ankle boots on fast enough to run outside and play with her brothers.

my baby, ello, lives for shirts with “wild animals” on them and his “zoom shoes” if you are a stranger and you meet ello, get ready. you have entered his 20 questions zone. he will quiz any innocent bystander on their animal facts at the drop of a hat. he is the friendliest and grumpiest human i have ever met… and i love him for it.

i encourage my children to express themselves through what they wear.

i want them to be comfortable in their own skin and their clothes, just like mama.

so you want to know about hus huh? hus is my husband, dylan. i have loved him since i was 9 years old. we didn’t date until we were 21, which was real lucky, because it saved us from ruining ourselves in front of each other too too badly in our teens, although we were good friends and i have the pen pal letters to prove it hanging in my closet.  AND because you have asked, hus is a small business owner. at this time he has an incredibly flexible schedule and gets to spend lots and lots of time with us at the beach and coaching teams.

About this Blog

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