the boys beauty lab…hairstyles for boys

my boys, their hair, they take it very seriously… remember this post i wrote two years ago about cutting the curls? Well we cut them and then we grew them out longer and longer and longer until we could do this samurai bun hairstyle.

i am often asked how we do the boys’ hair and to be honest, i don’t. hus does.  i had to call him in because he gets them lookin real nice. in fact he even has ello happily wearing the beloved samurai.

now on a side note, even when we are growing out their hair we get it trimmed regularlyish to keep the shape and weight in check.

how to do little boys hair long


1. stare all goggly eyed at your dad because he is everything.

2. wet the hair with you hands.

3. spread a little styling cream in the palm of your hands until it is an even consistency and run through the hair.

4. shake it out.

5. yep.

6. let it dry, the curls will come.

7. finish with a mist of hairspray.

NOW if you want to take it a step further and pull the hair back into a samurai style ponytail here you go…

how to do a samurai ponytail on little boy with long hair | surfer long shaggy curly hair for boys

1. more excitement.

2. define a little part in the hair.

3. pull hair back with hands, don’t make it perfect, and secure with a hair tie.

4. make the ponytail pointy. it dries better on ello and doesn’t look quite so girly.

5 – 9 crack yourself up acting like a yogi.

some from the iphone…

long hairstyles for little boys

Myes always has an opinion about his hair. two years ago he did the whole jeff from the bachelorette thing. last year, he wanted tony hawk’s hair from the 80′s. in the spring we had to buzz his head so when he ripped off his catcher’s helmet he could actually see the ball and he has been growing it out ever since.

have you had the experience with your son when he tries to do his own hair and he comes out and either A. has used all your expensive hair spray to create some crunchy mass on his head. B. his hair looks great from the front but yet retains his bed head in the back where he forgot to reach. or C. both. us too. it used to take a village to get myes hair done right and to his specifications. many tears were shed and many times we were late in the process of learning how he likes his hair. when he began doing it himself dreams started coming true. hus has worked with him a lot and although it does not always look perfect in this weird growing out stage i thought it would be helpful to show you how he does it, since so many people ask and i cannot believe we are here with a boy old enough to do his own hair.

perfect little guide for back to school to help your little man style his own hair


1. get it wet.

2. use this much styling cream.

3. rub styling cream in the palms of your hands to get the cream nice and soft and then spread throughout hair, working it through with the fingers.

4. don’t forget the back.

5. use a brush to make the part. hus only uses his hands, myes likes to use both.

6. shake it out so it is a little imperfect.

7. fluff up the wings in the back. sometimes myes will put on a hat for about 15 minutes if he really wants to get the wings going.

8. smile that awkward eight year old smile because you are so proud  of yourself and because your teeth still haven’t grown all the way in since you lost them four months ago.

9. finish with hairspray


best hair products for little boys hairstyles

1.  tangled tantrum separation anxiety (this company reached out to me and i am so glad they did.  the products are really great. the scent is beyond amazing and they are paraban free.)

2. axe clean cut cream: love the price and that it is available at target. it holds up well with my active boys.

3. loreal elnett hairspray 

4. wet brush: the brush heard around the world and for good reason, we have 4 in our house, all in different colors so we know where they belong. plus they are available at target now.

5. paul mitchell tea tree shaping cream (this is hus’ favorite but its pretty expensive so we use the other two on the boys if we can help it)

* i may receive a fee if you purchase products through this blog, the blue closet. all opinions are yours truly. thanks for your support. 

ruby tuesdays…at the fair

we decided to go to the fair this week. i get real excited about fairs. farm animals, fried food and the sweetest weird guy that bops my kids on the head with the blow up bat year after year. hus was out of town doing the stuff hus does and i was left to “charge” with all the kiddos. i recruited my neice shay and my sister. i love those two ladies. they are real good.

fair time 1 fair time 2 fair time 6 fair time 7 fair time 8 fair time 10 fair time 9 fair time 4 fair time 11

there was one happy lady at the fair and her name was ruby.  (it wasn’t me because i got bit by a little someone and was pretty much a grump all day after having a long week without hus, so much for charging right?) she was pretty pumped about the rides, the animals and of course…the gems and minerals house. you know how she loves to collect a natural goodie well she couldn’t get enough of the curated collections of gems, minerals and crystals on display. myes was happy too because fairs = junk food and the kid lives to for junk food.

myes: he is really into shortie shorts, right above his knee. I have been hemming all his shorts to his specifications since the first grade and this year they are just an inch or two higher. we are loving these elastic version by shaun white for target. / socks (even though they are going all london bridges on him they are his fave and he usually has them high and proud. they are so soft and such good quality) / converse / shirt

ruby: overalls (old but we usually get a pair of long overalls like these and cut them to whatever length we like)/ tee (old, see previous post for similar) / flannel (hand me down from myes)/ socks (old but we love these high socks) / stud tutorial here: sneaks / high top red converse here / local hat

ello: like a boss tank/ shorts (camo no longer avail but this is the same cut)/ vans

after that she won a fish and we got out of there.

etsy shop crushes for back to school preschool style

about a year ago i went to this bbq filled with my hus’ friends from high school. this babe and i locked eyes from across the room and she said to me, “i feel like we need to be friends because i love your shoes.” or something like that, right Ali? fast forward to this year. we have become friends. really good friends. i mean she even drops off bundles of sage on my front porch and tells me when the moon is right for cleansing my house.

the more i know her, the more i love her. she is super modest and RARELY talks about her career before she became a mommy and the co-creator of the completely irreverent and uber authentic blog Lil Mamas, but she is kind of a big deal. no i am not kidding. she was a professional singer, actress and danced all over Broadway and I have to say it because it is like my favorite thing, she was Curly Sue in the movie. did you love that movie like i did as a kid?  arias arrows etsy headbands

Now we know those hardworking, creative types can’t be stopped. Since having her two adorable, children, Mason and Aria, Alisan has recently launched her own etsy shop, Aria’s Arrows filled with headbands for baby.

I have loved founding another kindred etsy shopping soul so we thought it would be fun to share the etsy shops we are crushing on right now…

best etsy shop for baby and children clothing

metallic gold moccassins for baby feather headbands for little girls by arias arrows

and ruby is so smitten with baby aria she cries at least once a week about not having a baby sister AND every where we go she is grabbing clothes and toys for the girl and saying “mom, aria needs this.” can you blame little miss ruby?  look at those cheeks.mexican fiesta dress and mumu for little girls with feather headband arias arrows and the blue closet share their etsy favorites aria sage in arias arrows headbands arias arrows favorite etsy shops feather headbands and boho dresses for little girls

aria sage and mason blaise

on baby aria:

crop topdenim high waisted shorts / feather halter one piece / gold mocs / headband

on ruby:

c/o denim dress / mexican fiesta dress / headband


cutest etsy shops for children

1.  fringe romper /  2. yellow one piece / 3. ink blot harem pants/  4. aztec dress /  5. graphic peplum dress / 6. black and white romper /

7. turquoise ring 8. radical tee / 9. hello onesie10. harem shorts/ 11. strawberry shorts / 12. teepee shorts /

Cassaundra’s Picks:

Brown Sugar Beach- fresh prints, harem shorts, pants and rompers

Indie Nook – smart graphic tees and cutest shortie shorts

Sweet Kiddo Co. – super soft leggings and comfy headbands

Thief and Bandit - fun twists on everyday kid style

Little Four – peasant dresses in the cutest aztec patterns

Feather 4 Arrow – fresh graphic tees

Cauliflower Kids – truly beautiful one of kind pieces

Lou and Lee Bows – vintage fabric and leather bows

Ali’s Picks:

Little Cowboys and Indians

Caged Bird Blog – adorable bracelet with tassels

Bedtime Rebel - mocs at  a great price

Young at Heart - crop tops and turban headbands

and behind the scenes we had this peanut gallery behind us

ruby and captain america


back to school picks by brand…

as i am sure you can guess, i get my jollies off of back to school shopping. it is a whole process and science for me and today, i am bringing it to you. get ready. this is a big one.

for the next two weeks i will be bringing you everything you need to know for back to school, from hair tutorials to family themes to back packs to CLOTHES, of course.

and miss james is pumped. i mean she even did a toe touch. after we talked about how she should react if people wrongly accuse her of being out in Four Square (see her worried face in the first pictures? this is when she told me about her four square dilemma). we ended in toe touches sooo problem solved?

back to school by gap kids back to school clothes for kids back to school gap kid girls


ruby: tank/ sweater vest/ shorties/ backpack / sandals (old from zara but similar here and NO she cannot wear these two school but loves to slip them on for aerial dance and these slides are pretty adorable too)

This year, i decided to break up our back to school picks by the brands we love. Today, we are talking about our tried and true retail stores that we know and love. Tomorrow will be some of our favorite etsy and indy designers.

here is my back to school shopping process… use it, pin it.

3 tips for back to school shopping

First up CREWCUTS… we love crew cuts for can’t be beat quality and their perfect ability to mix trends with classics that stay away from hoochieville while keeping a funky and sophisticated spin. Crewcuts gets the best color ways of shoes, so we ALWAYS check here first to get the most unique shoes. For boys, we also love their dapper spin on dresswear (but that is for another post) and the best henleys around, 
back to school picks from crew cuts


striped shirt with lace sleeves striped swing top / embroidered tank / athletic stripe sleeves tee

Crew Cuts boys:

back to school clothing crewcuts for boys

1. green ringer tee  2.neon stripe tee

3. space tee   4. slouchy sweatpant 5. slim fit khaki  6.  lightning socks 7. vans camo slip ons 8. new balance sneaks

  Peek Kids has quickly become one of Ruby’s favorite brands. Their embroidered tops have a great boho vibe and their shorts always have perfectly on trend patterns that are not too short in length and wash like a dream.back to school clothes from peek kids



1. flutter sleeve floral  2. chunky cardigan  3. embroidered dress 4. striped griffin short 6. green print tank 5. elastic chambray pants  7. shorts with zippers

back to school clothes from peek kids boys

1. Captain Shirt  2.  usa soccer tee 3. collar shirt (on sale!)

back to school clothes for kids gap girls

fedora/ black shorts/ moto boots (a must must! they will wear them everyday with shorts, skirts and jeans) / collar shirt / short sleeve sweatshirt / indigo hoodie / denim shirt/ green slub harem pants / gray moto pants

Gap Kids Boys: until the day i die i will love brown cords for myself and my babies. i had the best vintage levi pair in high school that i still dream about. they eventually ripped right up the booty from all my wear and tear but i will say i have never been so in love then i was with those pants.

back to school clothes from Gap boys

1. chambray shirt 2. cords (we also love these cut into shorts)  3. camo shorts  4. chukka brown boots ( not sure we would wear these to school but they are just so good for church, parties, and fancy dinners & weddings)

back to school hm picks


1. stripe dress 2. blue pattern pants 3. gingham boots 4. gingham blouse  5. basic tee 6. suspender shorts 7. rolled chino shorts

Last but oh so not least ZARA kids:

back to school clothing from zara girls

1. printed overalls 2. printed shirt  3. fringe vest 4. embroidered lace sweatshirt 6. leopard slip ons  5.denim overalls

back to school clothing for kids from zara boys

1. H sweatshirts 2. denim bermudas 3. Tiger Sweatshirts 4. sweatshorts  5destroyed jeans 6. harlem tee 7. gray pants 8. navy sneakers

this summer in style and life…

we go hard in the summer. hence my erratic blogging lately.

this summer, i fell in love with rompers and mumus. so did ruby.

ello became a nail biter because he used to twirl his hair around his finger until it made too many “nuts” in his hair so he switched out that adorable habit for nail biting. which on a germ level makes me sick but on a mom level i love how cute his little fingers look all chewed up. wrong of me? probably. he is gonna get worms right?

myes has spent like three days with us. he is killing me with all his sleepovers with cousins and a vacay with mema and papa. the few days that he we are rad enough to enjoy his presence we have been at the skatepark or surfing.

my bff came to visit in between his finals (my beauty contributor is also kind of a genius and is getting her masters in clinical mental health).

and sister finally finished her home in malibu. it is my happy place. it is 100 stair steps from the beach white, modern, finished with all tiles by heath ceramics and amazing. you know when people used a super human amount of restraint in their design and it comes out so much more stunning then if it was mucked up with elements? that is this house.

sister malibu house

they built this locker at the bottom of their stairs so we don’t have to lug our chairs and umbrellas and boogie boards up and down those stairs.sisters beach house 2

lacey and me

ruby and halle

jumping in malibu

myes skateboarding

old navy stripe tankini for little girls swimwear for little girls ello baby

Me: hat/ romper/ sunnies

ruby: tankini (similar)/blue mumu from amazon/ cream mumu

ello: striped shorts

myes: his favorite printed socks