ruby tuesdays… nail designs for little girls

as soon as ruby set eyes on this  totally cool nails  book (click title to purchase in time for stuffing your little girl or tweens Easter basket) sent to us by Catherine Rogers, creator of this popular nail design YouTube channel,  she was obsessed with painting our nails together. she skimmed the pages and immediately picked this geometric design, skipping past the cupcakes, ombre and puppies designs but taking special note of their awesomeness. we quickly got to work because you know about our special time together.

totally cool nails book for little girls painting nails with little girls | the blue closet

speaking of time together (see here) she loooves doing nails in my bathroom. with all the boy shenanigans around here (surfing, skating and baseball) we deserve some pure girl time every once in a while. we love it. we take it. we have a blast.

geometric nail design for kids | the blue closet nail designs for little girls | the blue closet

ruby tuesdays…easter hairstyles for little girls 2014

hello. i am super excited to share this hair post today! i know how you love hair style ideas for your little girls and i have been dying to show a few of our new favorites. here is our easter hair post i did with some of ruby’s dear friends and this year the girls all came back with their mama to try out some new styles for this easter.

oh and did you notice her new bangs? she got bangs and they are everything.

easter hair style ideas for little girlsmessy side fishtail braid hairstyle for little girls

easter dresses for little girls

at least once a week ruby will ask me if i have figured out how to fishtail braid yet. nope. haven’t but this is so cute i wish i would! after brittney created the fishtail she used her fingers and the comb to mess up the look just a stitch more, giving it more texture and interest.

i have been dying to make ruby a real flower headband but it just hasn’t happened yet. we found this one at nordstrom and it works great. we have also seen fabulous flower headbands at Tilly’s.

flower headband for little girls floral headband for little girls

on ruby dress c/o Tutu Mondefishtail braid for short hair on little girls

here is the look on shorter, finer hair.

halle’s dress: zara

this is my ultimate favorite. the samurai for girls. i say if david beckham does it, it must be right. my boys refuse to let me pull their hair back in a knot so i finally figured, why not ruby? she was up for it. a little bit of the waver to add texture to the hair and we are obsessed.

THE NEW TOP KNOT FOR KIDS HAIRSTYLESAMURAI HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS easter dresses for girls 2 ruby’s dress: crew cuts (sold out) lola: dress

easter shoes for girls, boys, babies and toddlers… that won’t make you fall asleep

we are taking a break from monday rad deals (although there are a lot of rad deals on these shoes today) to bring you the all important EASTER SHOES round up for kids! yay!! this time of year makes me so happy. I will talk more about what spring means to me  tomorrow with my Easter dresses and Easter outfits for boys picks but first lets start with SHOES!

zara metallic gold sandal $49/zara chambray dot flat $29 / leopard ankle strap sandals $24 / still a classic metallic gold saltwater sandal from baby to tweens $34 /cole haan gold cap baby shoe $37 / polka dot leather strap ballet flat $21.95brown leather t-strap flat $39 /leopard doc marten boots $74 / kensie girl white leather gladiator for little girls to tweens $36 / minnetonka fringe sandal for girls $29 / aqua minnetonka fringe sandal for girls $29 / gold plated ankle strap sandal for girls $39 / silver metallic ankle strap $14.95 / gray canvas toms $33.95 /gold brogues for baby $34 / zara mixed leather sneaker $35 / these little navy like birkenstocks i cannot handle with shorts and little chubby legs $45 / green sneaker $45 / sunny yellow slip on shoe for baby $19 / coral ballet moccasins $60 /aqua leather mocassins for baby $60 / white and gold studded mocassins $60 / gray canvas velcro sneakers $29 (20% off right now) / boys blue canvas vans with brown laces $42 / blue converse $37


ruby tuesdays… tomboy style, distressed jeans

after such a fancy week last week i thought we would show you what missy loves to wear most days. boyfriend jeans. this day she was in a particularly tomboyish mood. want the jeans? find out how we go the look here.

tomboy distressed jeans for little girls distressed jeans for little girls boyfriend jeans for little girls boyfriend distressed jeans for little girlsshirt (old from old navy) jeans – with our own distressing. find them already distressed here/ vans (run a full size big, order down a size or size and half)

distressed skinny and boyfriend jeans for girls and tweensskinny distressed jeans  $39.95 / boy fit distressed jeans $39.95  / distressed straight fit  $29.95


want more distressed jeans? check out my pinterest board filled with great ideas on how to wear your favorites.

monday rad deals…packing for spring break. fiji edition

okay my dear friend Rachel told me i needed to move it on my spring break packing post… so rachel, this one is for you;)

our family trip to FIJI is just around the corner!! yay! wait? how did we end up going to FIJI after this post i wrote almost a year ago?? Well let me tell you. Hulls are still brave. so brave in fact that we are going to fly across the world with our three beebs to one of the best surf spots in the world and staying at the Tavarua Surf Resort. Hus goes on surf trips a few times a year. this is the first time the whole family is joining him. Can you believe i have never actually ridden on a surf board with all these crazy kids that hop on anytime?? this is my trip. i am going to do it. the water will be warm and clear and Hulls are brave. so that means i am brave, right? right.

so lets get to packing. what does one bring on a trip across the world to surf? lots of bathing suits, here are my two favorite one pieces. truly so flattering.

want to see my top one piece picks? check them out here. here are the other items i am packing and they are all under $100…

packing for beach vacation

i almost don’t want to give this source away because it has become one of my favorite gifts for expecting and nursing moms and worn as a cotton kimono or mumu for myself but I have to. Its my job. This company, silks and more, make the best robes/kimonos. For my friends that are new mamas they have robes that darling for the hospital with a button option for ease in nursing, for the bride to be you can order matching robes in bulk to get ready with all your bridesmaids and for me i just float around the house in them. The robes/kimonos/mumus come in all lengths. i have the floor length and the knee length and love them both. AND did i mention they are under $40 bucks!? you are welcome. just wait until you see the fabric options. one last thing, they say shipping takes a couple of weeks but i have received all orders within seven days, so you still have time before spring break.

click item detail for link: silks and more cotton robe/kimono/mumu / haviannas /  black cut out one piece /the perfect floaty white dress. so perfect i got it in black too. $48volcom lace cover up/ sam edelman sandals / orange topshop bathing suit/ not pictured but you have seen me in them a million times before black hat / panama hat/

Carry on luggage… Okay, so our plan is each person will have their own backpack for carry on luggage. this backpack is going to include their ipods (freshly loaded with new games and movies), headphones, a small set of markers, clipboard and a snuggly, like a small pillow or stuffed animal. I never check in my camera equipment or laptop so i have been looking into backpacks that will house both so I have free hands to help the kids with all their loading and security checks and what not. I also feel it is important to NOT draw anymore attention to ourselves or our belongings then my blonde hair blue eyed babies are going to do. inconspicuous is what i am going for. i think these three backpacks tackle each concern appropriately and although the first one is lovely the other two are beautiful and at great prices.

packing for a surf trip to fiji camera backpacks. great for traveling to rural countries

i can hardly contain my excitement. this is our first trip traveling internationally with the kids and i am determined to dot every i and cross every t that could arise to make our trip as seamless as possible. that is as seamless as a trip with three kids and three surfboards in tow can be.

the boys packing could not get any easier… board shorts, tanks and sandals. myes wants to ride the half pipe so he is bringing one pair of jeans. he always skates ramps in jeans to avoid the ramp burn from when he eats it.

packing boys for fiji vacation

no. 1 rip curl stripe tank $25 /no. 2 reversible o’neill tank $23/ no. 3 crew cuts tropical shorts $48 (take an additional 30% off right now!!) / no.4 boys tropical swim shorts $19.90 /no. 5 green zara tank $7 / no. 6 nico nico tank $52 / no. 7 munster tropical boys shorts $62 / no. 8 neon pink volcom shorts / no. 9 gray stripe quiksilver $49.50 / no. 10 chambray volcom shorts $49.50 (and i mean how handsome are these? perfect for a resort. they can just throw on a shirt and look suitable for dinner).

now i have a couple of varying prices in the boys packing list, but i will be honest. NOBODY does swimwear like the surf companies. its true. i have gotten gap, old navy, j crew (and you now how i love these companies) and this year we are trying some zara but i will tell you, for me it is worth it to splurge on the bathing suits. my kids literally live in the salty sea or chlorinated pools and the elements wreak havoc on fabrics. we have found that quiksilver, volcom, rvca, o’neill and rip curl hold up the best. colors stay strong and the boys’ booties don’t bust through the seat of the shorts when doing cannonballs. so the shorts are expensive but in the end i always wish i had gone with the surf brands. okay, stepping down from my soap box/confessional now.

packing little girl for beach vacation

tiger one piece $41 / cheetah one piece $14.95fringe dress $58 / tie dye fringe dress $36 / orange color block bathing suit $60 / halter polka dot suit $24.95  take 35% off today rashguard $38 / rashguard and boy shorts $29 plus take $35 % off today (reviews say it runs really small order a size up)

Sooo… where are you guys headed this spring break?

Don’t forget to check back in for beauty questions answered and what else we have on our packing list:)