what i wore wednesday… everyday dresses, my uniform

if you will excuse my pasty legs for a moment you will notice my new uniform. if we are talking about “uniforms” and i am in my closet, fretting and feeling not so good in anything, i always go back to my basics.   a white tee/collared shirt and jeans, black blazer, great shoes and a statement jewelry piece always make me feel zen like.  lately my uniform has shifted to super easy, throw on and go everyday dresses (check out these posts here and here and here). i was coveting this one from free people for some time before i bought it. the day i  took these pictures i threw on booties but with all the lovely weather here i have been wearing dresses with these sandals.  the dress was a little too large until i washed it. it washed up real nice and shrunk up probably a size. now i am happy as a clam.

humble hilo, free people dress, free people bag, ray ban glasses, old navy boots mama style, everyday dresses from free people everyday dresses for the everyday mama

 click on item description to link to the product.  on me: hat/ dress/ boots/ sunnies/ bag

on ello: old navy shirt/ shorts: old gap jeans cut / shoes

what i wore wednesdays… boyfriend baseball tees

what i wore wednesday… off to the ball fields. i am myes biggest fan. each season i have to get all the gear to show my team spirit. this new boyfriend baseball tee is an instant fave. i can’t wait to get some more for DODGER season.what to wear to the ball park what to wear to the ball fields boyfriend baseball teesbaseball tee on sale for $16/ jeans/ sneakers/ jacket – everyone always asks about this jacket so i searched far and wide and found it here  and here (from nordstrom sold out) / bag (they are handmade so no two are exactly the same but this is very similar) ray bans sunglasses


mumu friends… second base friendship

you have friends. hi – bye friends. funny text message friends. go to dinner friends. couples friends. playdate with your kids friends. childhood friends. second opinion on paint color friends.

and then you have the type of friends where you show up to their house in your mumu, house dress, kaftan, whatever you want to call it. you talk recipes. you talk kids. you ignore your messy hair. your baby snuggles right into their couch and doesn’t make a peep the whole visit. this lady and i have become those friends. and dare i say if you wear your mumu over to your friend’s house you have just gone to second base with your friendship. i think so.

kaftan |the blue closet kaftan mumu house dress | the blue closet snuggled in |the blue closet


when we were planning to go on a cruise in February i quickly stocked up on all types of kaftans. i have a whole collection now vintage from ebay, etsy and what not, but the cruise was cancelled and funny enough i still find myself pulling these babies out everyday as i putter around the house and go to the beach. i can’t wait to wear them to FIJI in just one month!

i got this one from this etsy shop, Saudade Sun, and i love that they ask for your height just to get the perfect length.

my asos dress obsession continues…

i have two uniforms, jeans and white tees and comfy comfy dresses. asos always gets it right and at great prices. here is what i would buy if i needed 8 more dresses;) blush colors, dots, tribal maxis – just when i think i am so over the tribal trend i see these and i am back in, midi length

asos dresses


click the corresponding number to buy: 1/2/3 button off waist/4/5/6/7/8

i told you…

remember when i was doing the gap giveaway and was like “ and i want you to pay special attention to no. 6 because i think i will wear that flat boot every single day this spring”.  hate to tell you, but i told you so. these boots are perfect for spring. thank you to those who listened. i see you and i know you don’t regret it.

here are a couple more of my spring picks you won’t regret. the sandal. the boot. the fancy bootie. links below image.



sandal $89 / old navy bootie $32/ cut out bootie heel $139