ruby tuesdays… tomboy style, distressed jeans

after such a fancy week last week i thought we would show you what missy loves to wear most days. boyfriend jeans. this day she was in a particularly tomboyish mood. want the jeans? find out how we go the look here.

tomboy distressed jeans for little girls distressed jeans for little girls boyfriend jeans for little girls boyfriend distressed jeans for little girlsshirt (old from old navy) jeans – with our own distressing. find them already distressed here/ vans (run a full size big, order down a size or size and half)

distressed skinny and boyfriend jeans for girls and tweensskinny distressed jeans  $39.95 / boy fit distressed jeans $39.95  / distressed straight fit  $29.95


want more distressed jeans? check out my pinterest board filled with great ideas on how to wear your favorites.

ruby tuesdays… i love you because you are sunshine.

this morning as i packed the kid’s lunch i grabbed these little lunchbox cards i have to write a note to her,even though she can’t read she cherishes these notes, and the card already said “i love you because…” i thought about how to describe the vast reasons of why i love this girl. i could write pages and go on for hours about how dear she is to my heart and literally a part of my very soul. and then i realized in the simplest way i love her because she is sunshine. pure and simple. happy. bright.  she illuminates our lives.

i love you because you are sunshine quote for my daughter Tutu Monde Special Occassion dresses for little girls beautiful details on tutu monde little girls dress Tutu Monde cool special occasion dresses for little girls

dylan and i recently finished the famous book “5 love languages” and have been looking for the “love languages” in our children. some of the kids have a mix of love languages but miss ruby is pure and simple. if you spend time with her she feels loved. she really is not picky about what we do as long as we are together, although crafting and jumping on the trampoline are her favorite.special occassion dresses for little girls Quote about Beauty beautiful image


dress c/o tutu monde boots: old from gap

beautiful type: pinterest

we love this dress by tutu monde because it feels like missy to us. beautiful and sweet with a little bit of a toughness to it tied in with the black. all of their pieces are gorgeous and photograph so beautifully. think super special photo shoot or occasion. you can find them several places but now even crew cuts carries these beauties. you MUST check out their shrugs. to. die. for. and perfect for covering cold little shoulders for an evening event.

ruby tuesdays…the yellow dress

i have two uniforms. one is jeans and tees and the other is comfy cotton dresses with booties. when i saw this adorable number by wunway i knew ruby (meaning me) would need it. it is soft and comfy and just moves with her. she wore it the next day to school with leopard leggings, this cardigan and a tank underneath to keep her carefree.

she was just trying the dress on the day of these photos to check the fit.  suddenly the sun caught her hair as she concentrated so hard on fixing the chapstick her brother had just dug his finger into. he was running all around her and she just sat, concentrating, in the zone, peaceful and fine. i  thought “i need to grab my camera.”  there is nothing extraordinary about this moment other then the feeling there. a little girl growing up. learning patience.

wunway yellow dress

yellow wunway dress for girls

ruby in the yellow dresswunway dress available in blue and red.


ruby tuesdays and my SPRING SHOE OBSESSIONS

ruby tuesdays… her crew cuts razor back sundress. i love a razor back on little tiny girl shoulders. i am thinking this might be a perfect easter dress.

crew cuts neon dress for girls crew cuts spring razor back dress mama and ruby

ruby: dress/ cardigan (old but similar here) socks/ boots (old)

me: dress ($59)- comes in tons of colors and you know how i love an under $100 dress

she was far too busy untangling her reindeer necklace to take off her cardigan to show you i did post one on insta though photo will have to do. the cuteness. oh the cuteness. its too much.


and on a completely unrelated note but i am too excited to make it seamless… SPRING SHOES!!

ready to dig yourself out of the snow and gloom?  have you been spring shopping yet? more importantly have you spotted the new hybrid bootie/shoe/sandal/cutouts thing?  i am not quite ready to put my booties away for the season. i just love them too much and now i don’t have to put them away at all.  these new shoes or shooties or boots with cut outs or shoots or sandal/boots or whatever you want to call them combine all the coolness i love in a bootie with the breeziness of spring. i will be pairing these with all my spring dresses and shorts.

clogs, mules, shooties, cut out booties

1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (almost sold out)/8/9/10/11 /12


ruby tuesdays… valentine inspired clothes you can wear well after valentines day

you know how this girl loves to pattern mix. i can’t help but love what she came up with for her valentines leggings.

giant bow for little girls

i was raised by a mom who always told us we would be better, smarter and more successful then she was. which was a very tall order. my mother exudes creativity and is constantly serving someone else. now that i have this little angel i know the feeling my mother felt so fervently. ruby is filled with ten times more love, more creativity, more patience, more optimism and joy then i am. and i consider myself a very joyful person. she has a gift of making everything fun while at the same time making you feel very intimately close and important to her. she will be better then me.

we have this room in our house. the scary room. the room I close when people come over, unless i am frantically cleaning it out to make room for a guest. it is the guest room/ craft room/ hiding presents room. do you have one? a scary room? in this scary room i have every type of art supply you could imagine. on the bottom shelf i have a box for the kids. old scrapbook supplies from my stint in scrapbooking from 2000, pipe cleaners, paint, paint brushes, washable everything, scrap ribbon etc. etc. ruby takes full advantage of it, daily. one of these days we will remodel this room. one. day.ruby tuesdays valentines ruby tuesdays crafts for valentines

jcrew heart leggings (this color not available online but other color here) / target denim button up (plain)/ target leopard top

Valentines Style for Kids

 1. for like ever tee $22  2. mint and gold foil heart sweatshirt $15.80 foil lips $49 4. black and gray heart cardigan $39  5. zara I Am Lovely Sweater $39  6. best friends tees $46 for both  7. pink heart knee high socks $12 8. wunway dress $39   9. wunway hi low heart sweater  10 magenta fringe sandals on sale for $49  11. show love tank blue $25 12 show love tank $25 pink /

13. hello ladies tee $36   14. new balance $50 15. boys wide stripe tee $14.95  16. volcom button up $37 (we really love these shirts by volcom. they wash so well, no ironing necessary and they are thin so my boys like them. we have bulk issues)

baby:  17. stripe onesie $15   18. stripe heart onesie $25 19 red and white striped dress $14   20. heart bandana bibs 21.  heart blanket $198

my lunch date. up until about an hour ago the hus and i were going to be in miami  for our valentines day and then jetting off to a caribbean cruise, however plans change, life changes and i am happy to go with change. now, i most likely, will drop by his office after ruby’s school performance and before picking up baby ello. here is my valentine lunch style for that is effortless for the classroom as well as cute enough for a vday lunch with hus.

valentine lunch date


1 wear it as a cardigan or layered over a dress/2/3/4/5/6 - worth it/7- go- to perfectly cool tote fits all my composition books, markers as well as cards and treats for the kids/8 - one of my favorite etsy shops. i get cards and personalized pencils from here./9 $1.50 i want every design of these nail charms.