Stay and Co Relaunch!! They’re BACK!

there are some really great perks that come with blogging and my favorite, by far, is to connect with other creatives.  I met Megan over at Stay and Co through family and immediately knew she and i were speaking the same language. There is something that just makes sense when you meet a fellow creative and Megan and Kailee are some of the hardest working out there. OH and one more thing… they are local girls. All of their items are sourced in LA which makes me so so happy. Being fellow small business owners in the LA area the Hus and i know it aint’ easy to work in LA. you have to respect the hustle of these girls.


Aside from all of that, their products are RAD and so well made. Soft, gorgeous and they always get their colors juuuust right.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the army green blanket for some friends who are expecting. From razor back dresses to drop crouch shorts I am loving their new line!

here are my top picks…


stay and co faves What do you think?


sunday rad deals…columbus weekend sales

hey guys! instead of monday rad deals, today we have sunday rad deals. there are so many great deals going on this weekend for Columbus day and I don’t want you to miss out on this action.

here is what i am jonesing for and saving some pretty pennies on this week.

so jcrew is having this sales event all weekend long, hurry it ends today and this isn’t their normal sale 30% off REGULAR priced items and 40% off final sale!!Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.14.26 AM

here are some of my favorite pieces to scoop up!

tee pee baby set / i have been obsessing over camel for fall and until i find my perfect camel coat that makes sense for California I love adding pieces like this to my fall wardrobe camel tipped tunic sweater

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.20.03 AM teepee baby set by j crew baby

you know i love me some madewell. right now enjoy 30% off seleect styles. like this amazing patch sweatshirt. Use code OHFALL

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.29.01 AM

and because everyone needs a liiiittle burgandy in their fall wardrobe this cardigan is only $49.99…

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.35.41 AM

want to get a jump start on your holiday baking and shopping?? Williams – Sonoma is taking 20% off by entering SAVE20 all sorts of goodies from stand mixers to oil and vinegar. I am super excited about this action. 7 years ago i bought this knife and it was worth EVERY PENNY! I use it for everything. EVERYTHING.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.41.16 AM

want to know my greatest deal secret of ALL for everyday. mint arrow. Corrine is like the prettiest, dreamiest girl alive and has the scoop on sales everyday. trust me. you will love her!! sign up for her email and follow her on IG. She does not disappoint. Don’t you just love someone who is just as great as you want them to be in person? me too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.45.27 AM




ruby tuesdays… peek at her new boho inspired girl’s room

this girl is at home in her new space. it makes me so happy to see her as she wanders around, moving things, organizing, reorganizing, drawing on her chalkboard door and catching up on her crystal and gems knowledge. i get all sappy and nostalgic thinking of my own little room growing up. although they were never fancy i LOVED being left alone to create and imagine. i am so excited for her to be making those memories now.

the room is STILL not totally done. The bathroom mirror is on back order, the company sent me curtain rods with no way brackets  to install them…twice, we ran out of bathroom tile and it just came back in stock, the vintage nightstands are not painted, her dreamcatchers are not all hung, the desk is yet to be ordered and on and on. blah blah blah. I tell you though, it is certainly motivating to finish the job when I see how much she loves the space.

here is a sneak peek of what IS done…

bathroom for little girls with teal painted vanity

little girl's palazzo pants Little Girls Room and bathroom palazzo pants for little girls

little girls room

palazzo pants  and shirt both from this Southern California store

stools / bed/ rug (navy is no longer available online but the teal and yellow are gorgeous) / heart pillow/ horse pillow (you can’t really see it here but i had lots of questions about it on my instagram so here is the link)/ sconces

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acai bowls to go in the freezer

we have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Coming from a girl who’s dad made her breakfast at 6am every school day of her life, i feel like i am slighting my kids to say this BUT.. i don’ like making breakfast. i am not an up and at em girl, so i like breakfast to be quick, healthy and to the point but i feel bad handing my kids a bar after all the TLC Papa Barry put into MY breakfasts.  not only do acai bowls or smoothies take  just minutes to make but i also love having them in the freezer so the kids will eat them for snacks and on the go to practices on Thursdays… Oh Thursdays! Help me on a Thursday!!

Acai Bowls To Go

acai bowl recipe with exact brands and ingredeints for Trader Joes

so I don’t have featured here fresh fruits or the liquid i use because that is the easy stuff. this is a picture of all the things you might not be sure about but that work for us.

I blend frozen blueberries and pineapple because they are my kid’s favorite with the smoothie starter pack and coconut water. I like them real thick for the bowls but you can make them down to a smoothie consistency.

Next, I label my disposable containers, pour in the acai blended mixture in about half way and freeze or serve immediately.

they need to thaw for a couple of minutes before digging in but not too long, they melt quickly once thawed. i try to get them out 15 minutes before the kids will want to eat them, like while they are getting ready or before i pick them up from school.

Before leaving we can top them with the seeds, flax, coconut, granola and fresh fruit but you don’t have to.


acai bowl/smoothie starter i get mine at Whole Foods but word has it that Costco carries the packets too.

granola- we were hooked on this from nature box for a while

hemp seed- i am obsessed this one is from whole foods, the kids do not love it but i do. it is super nutty, almost like a sunflower seed taste

flax seed- keep refrigerated this flax oil is another option

shredded coconut

protein powder (not featured) originally i didn’t use protein powder until my sister in law, who knows a whole lot about a lot, recommended some brands to me that she uses for her sons. aria is the one we like best because the picky little taste buds that we have in our home can’t taste it.

coconut water OR if i am feeling like they can have some more sugar and a really tart kick i use fresh lemonade… i know, not the healthiest but sooo good.

I am sure there are a million vitamins and veggies and all sorts that you could add to the acai bowls. I would love to know what you do? leave me a message on my facebook page so we can chat about it!

Get ready for SCHOOL PICTURE DAY!!

school picture day. the dreaded and the beloved. this is what i will say today. if you can get your boys to wear a collar shirt then congratulations you are a lucky one. I am a lucky one. Myes is on a major collar shirt kick right now and i am sopping up every moment. Our favorite picks for boys this year are henleys and baseball tees in California because they have an interesting texture and frame the face without layers. layers always look good in photos (see how layer crazy i went here, getting ready for family photos? check out my 9 tips for avoiding the family picture meltdown here). layers do not look good in photos IF you live in Southern California and it is still 95 degrees outside. if i sent my boys to school with any type of layer one of two things would happen.

1. they would take the layer off and when i received the school pictures they would be in a sleazy white undershirt that is supposed to be white but is some 50 shades of gray… (gross on both levels, i know, but i had to).

2. they would be red and sweaty from keeping the layers on, per my threatening, and that is not a good look.

Now you know from this post that i am not all about classics for pictures. we take so many pics of our kids nowadays that the one classic/timeless photo no longer exsists. think about it like you are documenting an era and a moment in time, not trying to make this picture last for 20 years. let them wear the latest trend. you will laugh yourself to tears in years to come. its amazing.

6 fresh ways to improve the school picture


so here are my 6 tips for improving the school picture.

1. layer lightly if weather permits (cardigans, vests for short hair note how ruby’s long hair kind of blends with the fur? get a contrasting color fur, flannels etc.)

2. wear texture (think knits, heathered gray, fur, denim)

3. embellishments around the neck for girls frame the face and keep it fun.

4. send them with chapstick to put on right before the picture.

5. flannels, collar shirts, henleys and baseball tees add just enough interest for boys

6. play with hairstyles in the weeks leading up to school pictures. do clips or headbands look good? braids? side part or middle? do they need a little trim? this photo shoot showed us that the boys need a little cleaning up.wear crewcuts embellished tunic for family pictures what to wear for school pictures embroidered tops improving the school pictures portrait

soft waves and side part hairstyle for kids for picture day

click on item description to purchase:

on myes: chambray shirt / baseball tee similar here and we love this baseball tee too

on ello: collar stripe shirt, we also love this one

on ruby: stripe swing shirt / embroidered tank / embellished tunic (no longer available but I LOVE this one) / sandals old from zara / fur vest / black dress

fur stool $54

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