fridays i can’t stop… listening to XM 106 Martha Stewart Craft Hour

fridays i can’t stop… listening to XM 106 Martha Stewart Craft Hour


i am obsessed i tell you.  Kevin Sharkey, the way you call out paint numbers off the top of your head of a “snow MS 112 sort of creamy white” paint, makes my heart skip a beat.

what can you not stop doing this week? PLEASE share and link to you blog.

books for boys that would way rather be outside…

if your boys are like my boys they will pick playing outside over anything, including reading. although he is a good reader we have struggled to find books that will keep his attention.

last year i started getting him Sports Illustrated for Kids as a way to get him reading. he devours the magazines. he loves seeing who is on the cover and tearing the trading cards out. okay, okay we are getting somewhere. then we noticed one day that sports illustrated had  a series of books for kids all about different sports. we even found books on wakeboarding, bike riding tricks and skateboarding. myes was ecstatic and read through all four books last summer. finally! something he enjoyed.

do you have a boys similar to mine? then they will love these finds…books for active boys books for boys who like sports and skateboarding reading ideas for active boys


so i asked myes go grab me your very most favorite books. here is what he came up with:

summer reading for boys


1. Dirty Bertie: funniest, although has potty humor…so your call

2. Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid: funny

3. The Lucky Baseball Bat: good story about believing in yourself and has the sports component

4. Magic Tree House Series: Polar Bears Past Time: lots of kids love this series but this is the only one myes really liked

5. Harry Potter: duh. so good. we read this as a family at night.

6. Hardy Boys Extreme Danger: it involves dirt bikes, so although it is a harder read for him he still likes the adventure.

7. Sports Illustrated Kids Series: includes stories on all sorts of sports you won’t find elsewhere; wakeboarding, snowboarding, gymnastics, wrestling, bmx bikes, skateboarding. They even have a great set for GIRLS that would rather be outside:)

have i told you lately how much i love this kid? he is so intensely loyal to me and his thoughtfulness exceeds all my wildest dreams. he probably tells me once a week how pretty he thinks i am and how special our relationship is and a how he loves my photography. did you just see my heart melt right onto the floor? in. a. puddle.


myes and mama leopard print maxi and shirt tying

on myes: shirt $23 / hat by vans $26 / amphibian shorts similar here /

me: hat $32 / shirt ( 7 years old and still kickin) / skirt from a local boutique/ sunnies /c/o necklace 

fridays… i can’t stop eating acai bowls

they have been around for a while but i still can’t stop making them and eating them. acai bowls. packed full of the good stuff.

here is my favorite from heartwood tribe:

acai bowls

monday rad deals… swimwear for kids under $20

Swimwear for kidsHappy Monday! It’s been a while since I did my monday rad deals so lets get going. i have a small obsession with bathing suits. they are just so cute and we wear them so much i am always looking for a good deal to add to the pile. and t he pile is a little ridiculous.

here are my favorites all under $20 and some as low as $5 . wha what? yep. truth.

click on item description to purchase.

Dude Swim bottoms $7 / american apparel leopard print one piece $5 / sun hat $16/  green stripe swim shorts $14.95 / short black swim shorts $10 / ruffled stripe bikini $14.95 / orange polka dot tankini for girls $16.99 / tween tribal two piece $19 /  girls surf bottoms $18 / black and white butterfly two piece $16 / navy heart one piece $10neon yellow one piece swimsuit $9 / green shorts $17 / blue printed flutter top bikini  $19.90/ pink tribal flutter top $19.80  / paisley print swim shorts $16.90 / red stripe swim shorts $18 / polka dot ruffle suit $19 /


please note that affiliate links may be used in this post. what does that mean? it means if you purchase an item through my site i may earn a small commission from the purchase. this is how the blue closet is able to run. thank you for your support. means the world.

featured on inspired by this blog

guys. i am featured today on inspired by this blog and i can’t believe it. i am obsessed with them. i was giddy to come up with summer trends for me and kids and how we roll to the park. check it out!! eeek!

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