our newish dining room…

a month ago the hus said to me, want to sell our dining room furniture? YES! was my response. as far as the house goes, we are almost always on the same page. its like an energy in the air that something is not working and needs to change.  we are so happy when we complete our vision. i have always been very sensitive to the vibe of my surroundings, lucky for me so is the hus.  we had only purchased the furniture two years ago but i didn’t go with my guts and so it never felt right to me. the reclaimed table was too rustic for me and the “sensible ” chairs drove me crazy.

after selling our goods on craigslist we shopped at our favorite furniture store in LA and found our dream table and chairs. i am left with an empty dining room except for the succulents that were once on the table.

change is happening. its good. i am happy to see it all.

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gap giveaway

and my paleness? well you can chalk that up to the wicked flu i just recovered from. this is one of my favorite go to dresses from the gap from about two years ago. i remove the belt and wear it loose.our dining room mood board dining room

organic modernism table / bertoia like chairs / rose gold flatware

ruby tuesdays, chocolate sandwiches and boy clothes

these two. loves of my life. one is always happy. one is always grumpy. together they are besties. ruby mother hens ello to no end and ello gladly accepts all the attention.
this year myes’ school offered a club after school where the kids can stay for about 30 minutes and just play on the playground. all the “cool kids”  were doing it and although i hesitated for a while i finally gave in and signed him up. i figured i let him come home and skateboard or play for those 30 minutes anyways, he might as well do it with all his friends and cousins at school.
the blessing that i did not foresee was the precious extra time it would give me with these two. we don’t do anything special. we come home, sometimes i make a snack, sometimes they make a snack, like these chocolate/pb trader joes sandwiches. they snuggle. a lot. they get the play dough out, they sing to the Frozen soundtrack. he yells at her, she says “oh its okay ello i will do (fill in the blank) for you”.overalls for kids old navy

in the kitchen

chocolate sandwiches

old navy overalls for kids

here i am teaching ello about the remote control for the camera timer. ten seconds later i had about 100 shots of me walking in the kitchen. he became quickly obsessed with the clicking.leopard kimono beach cover

long animal print kimono beach cover

ruby’s overalls and ringer tees are both from the boys department of old navy. the overalls are available in store, not online.

denim shirt ( my favorite shirt in the whole world and hus’ least fave) / knot necklace (vintage) / billabong belt from surf shop/ jbrand jeans/ madewell boots/ leopard kimono $35

monday rad deals is A GAP/OLD NAVY GIVEAWAY!

Hello my lovely readers. What is the RAD DEAL today? It is that you could win $100 to the GAP/OLD NAVY.

I am loving Gap’s new Spring collections so in honor of their amazingness you can enter to win $100 to GAP & OLD NAVY Woot Woot!! If I won $100 to Gap & Old Navy here are the items I would buy… (and i want you to pay special attention to no. 6 because i think i will wear that flat boot every single day this spring


Gap and Old Navy giveaway picks


For My Beebs:gap and old navy giveaway

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what i am wearing today and in two weeks…

we are going on a cruise in two weeks. i am collecting outfits…

today i am wearing…printed blazer

blazer (thin lightweight) $17.80 / jeans $178  ( my jeans are a couple years old but this link is how they started out. all holes and distressing happened naturally)/ boots $138 

in two weeks on my caribbean cruise i will be wearing…

what to wear on a cruise

simple gold bar earringsshirt old but similar here on sale for $69 PLUS an additional 40% off right now / shorts $49.50 with an additional 35% off online/ bathing suit: so so flattering but order a size up and two sizes up if you have sizable knockers $72.00 / cc caviar hair cream – my fave live in for the ends of my hair $25 / sandals $42 sold out / panama hat

favorite swimsuits 2014

for more of my favorite swim and beach styles check out my pin board! i am constantly on the look out and updating it.


beauty closet… orangey red lip and how i resemble a humpback whale

i think you get it that i love lipstick, exhibit A, B and C.

i used to think i shouldn’t wear this color or that color because my lips are far from perfection. why draw attention to them? BUT  although i thought i shouldn’t it has never stopped me. the boys on my seventh grade school bus told me my lips looked like a humpback whales’. huh? never would have guessed. i love the uncanny ability of a twelve year old boy to find such an obscure flaw and give it the weight of a humpback whale. i got to hand it to them though, see below for the striking resemblance. hahaha.

soo here are my orangey, red not -perfect- and- i- like- it- that- way- lips-just-because-its-make-up-not-curing-cancer-type-fun-people.

favorite orangey-red lips orangey red lipstickdangerous by mac $15

mac dangerousthis is a matte finish that lasts about 6 hours. i like to apply a little chapstick or lip balm about 10 minutes before i apply my lipstick to let the balm soak in, moisturize and fill those cracks. then i apply this red color. then i smudge the whole thing because thats how i like, slightly imperfect.

me and the humpback whale

trust your guts tee $32 / jeans sevens for all mankind from my college years / tree of life necklace similar here $25