easter dresses for little girls and tweens

hello! easter/spring/passover is one of my favorite times of year. i have the fondest memories of dressing up as a little girl. my whole family would do a fashion show coming down the stairs. making it super official was my older brother announcing “today, aundra is wearing a lovely yellow floral number, sewn by her mom. complete with white lace gloves, white lace socks, white pattern leather t strap shoes and a purse.” it was the best. my brothers wore powder blue suits and lavender vests. kennedys knew how to do easter right.

so lets get right to it shall we? i am doing a no fuss slideshow today because i have so many pieces to share and i am giddy even as i type this.



zara blue floral dress $29zara pink lace dress $42/zara white embroidered dress $42/ zara floral printed dress $42 / green and white striped janie and jack dress $59 / yellow peplum dress $50 / blue and white striped sailor dress on sale for $37 / a girl can dream gorgeous dresses by pink and grey $280 / gap blue leopard dress $29 /baby gap flutter dress $29 / toddler girl flutter dress $49 / little girl and tweens polka dot and chambray sleeveless shirt dress $39 ( but you know gap is always having a sale) / the seattle shirtdress by fleur and dot on etsy $120 / fleur and dot bubble shorts- this for easter egg hunting would be just too cute $48/  old navy red sail boat dress for toddlers $10!! / old navy sweet floral dress for toddlers $10 / tulle h&m skirt for toddlers to tweens $14.95 / white lace h&m dress $17.99 / crew cuts embroider chambray dress $68 / black sleeveless embroidered dress by crew cuts $58 / pink floral crew cuts dress $84 / peek kids embroidered skirt, pair with a chambray shirt or tank $58


ruby tuesdays…easter hairstyles for little girls 2014

hello. i am super excited to share this hair post today! i know how you love hair style ideas for your little girls and i have been dying to show a few of our new favorites. here is our easter hair post i did with some of ruby’s dear friends and this year the girls all came back with their mama to try out some new styles for this easter.

oh and did you notice her new bangs? she got bangs and they are everything.

easter hair style ideas for little girlsmessy side fishtail braid hairstyle for little girls

easter dresses for little girls

at least once a week ruby will ask me if i have figured out how to fishtail braid yet. nope. haven’t but this is so cute i wish i would! after brittney created the fishtail she used her fingers and the comb to mess up the look just a stitch more, giving it more texture and interest.

i have been dying to make ruby a real flower headband but it just hasn’t happened yet. we found this one at nordstrom and it works great. we have also seen fabulous flower headbands at Tilly’s.

flower headband for little girls floral headband for little girls

on ruby dress c/o Tutu Mondefishtail braid for short hair on little girls

here is the look on shorter, finer hair.

halle’s dress: zara

this is my ultimate favorite. the samurai for girls. i say if david beckham does it, it must be right. my boys refuse to let me pull their hair back in a knot so i finally figured, why not ruby? she was up for it. a little bit of the waver to add texture to the hair and we are obsessed.

THE NEW TOP KNOT FOR KIDS HAIRSTYLESAMURAI HAIRSTYLE FOR GIRLS easter dresses for girls 2 ruby’s dress: crew cuts (sold out) lola: dress

easter shoes for girls, boys, babies and toddlers… that won’t make you fall asleep

we are taking a break from monday rad deals (although there are a lot of rad deals on these shoes today) to bring you the all important EASTER SHOES round up for kids! yay!! this time of year makes me so happy. I will talk more about what spring means to me  tomorrow with my Easter dresses and Easter outfits for boys picks but first lets start with SHOES!

zara metallic gold sandal $49/zara chambray dot flat $29 / leopard ankle strap sandals $24 / still a classic metallic gold saltwater sandal from baby to tweens $34 /cole haan gold cap baby shoe $37 / polka dot leather strap ballet flat $21.95brown leather t-strap flat $39 /leopard doc marten boots $74 / kensie girl white leather gladiator for little girls to tweens $36 / minnetonka fringe sandal for girls $29 / aqua minnetonka fringe sandal for girls $29 / gold plated ankle strap sandal for girls $39 / silver metallic ankle strap $14.95 / gray canvas toms $33.95 /gold brogues for baby $34 / zara mixed leather sneaker $35 / these little navy like birkenstocks i cannot handle with shorts and little chubby legs $45 / green sneaker $45 / sunny yellow slip on shoe for baby $19 / coral ballet moccasins $60 /aqua leather mocassins for baby $60 / white and gold studded mocassins $60 / gray canvas velcro sneakers $29 (20% off right now) / boys blue canvas vans with brown laces $42 / blue converse $37


fridays… i can’t stop tying my shirts into knots

fridays i will be sharing what i cannot stop doing this week.

this week i cannot stop tying my shirts into knots. tee shirts. chambray shirts (did you see yesterdays post). white collared shirts. you name it. i am tying it.  i love the knot with high waisted jeans and blazers as well as maxi skirts and these jeans which are about two sizes too big and i love them.

i can't stop tying my shirts into knots



beauty closet…pick a bronzer that is right for you

beauty closet… BRONZERS!! i love bronzer. I truly do. i use it everyday for cheeks forehead as well as for contouring. in preparation for all this beautiful sunshine i like to fake a tan dewy glow.

recently on instagram lacey and i were asked a few beauty questions. i love answering beauty questions about beauty product recommendations and i get to answer several every week… yay!   now, i don’t take your questions lightly. you should see my camouflage print like arms right now smeared with varying self tanners.  anytime you want feel free to leave me a comment here our on instagram or facebook and lacey and i will do all our research and find the best answers for you.

Do you remember this bronzer post i did last year? i still stand behind it and use a lot of the products but this year i am really into creme bronzers. probably because i like to use them for contouring and creme  are so so easy to blend.

so this week’s question comes from my stunningly gorgeous cousin, Tamara, who lives in Portland Oregon.  Tamara, to this day,  literally has the most amazing skin i have ever seen. when we were little girls together i used just stare longingly at her tan, pore-less, freckle-less skin and wish i looked like her. she is beyond a babe. growing up she would visit me from her home in orange county.  i would drag her down to the Thrifty Drug store and make her smell all the shampoos in the aisle with me.  This is when Pantene came out and can you remember the smell of Outrageous by Revlon? Heaven i tell you. As a child I would save up my money to buy the shampoo i wanted instead of whatever my mom had in the shower. not a normal nine year old girl, i know.  poor tamara, she followed along with me on this strange shampoo smelling escapade and i would get so bugged when she wouldn’t act as pumped as i was.  When Tamara, with the gorgeous Southern California  born skin text me from her new(ish) home in Portland Oregon and asked what is a normally olivey/ tan girl to wear for bronzers when the sun has been covered for far too long?  i told her i had a few faves but let me get back to you. i did some research and this was my favorite, straight forward tips on how to pick a bronzer that is right for you. So what should you look for?

how to pick the right bronzer for you |fair skin tones, medium skin tones and olive skin tones

Quick tip: Bronzers with multiple shades will come off more naturally because it is blended for you in a multi dimensional way rather then a solid color. I usually end up blending one or two bronzers with one or two blushes.
  • If you’re fair to light:  sheer, slightly rose or peach-colored bronzer.
  • If you’re medium to olive:  sheer copper or earth-colored bronzer for the most natural look.
  • If you have darker skin:  try rich, chocolaty-brown bronzers with subtle shimmer that have warm or blue undertones. source

Best bronzers 2014 examples on the skin


Best bronzers for fair skin, medium skin and olive skin| how to pick the shade that is right for you


Nars Multiple in Altai/ Chanel Soilel De Chanel/Guerlain Terra Cotta Spray in light