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beauty closet… target beauty haul

The Blue Closet’s Target Beauty Haul for Spring.

There comes a time in every girl’s life when you think, ” Does mascara really cost $25 bucks now?”

Target Beauty Haul | the blue closet beauty blog

you know i don’t have an issue shelling out the big bucks on cosmetics but there are certain times when i am feeling thrifty and just don’t want to plunk down so much dough. for those times, ie. when i was in college, when we started our first company, when we started our second company, when i forget my face wash while on vacation, when i found out we were expecting my fourth child… those times.  i search the aisles of target for the latest and greatest and cheapest.

i like having my cosmetics case ready to go for the gym and like to replicate some of my more expensive brands in this bag, but sometimes i want something less expensive.  since i don’t always get ready at the gym, i don’t like the idea of my armani foundation expiring away in my gym bag.

it is not a surprise that lacey navigates the aisles of target like a boss and comes up with some of the best finds.  especially since nobody is paying her to finish up her masters degree, good quality products for a great price are key to her beauty routine. and lets be honest, target is target for a reason. they have gems. they curate their selections well. the store feels clean and shoppable and just so dreamy. we all love target

lacey and i got together to go over our favorite drug store finds that we really love and bring the target haul right to you. here is your shopping list…

1. Vaseline lip therapy in rosy: Lacey loves this one for the perfect smoothness you expect from Vaseline with the prettiest rosy color. find this teeny tiny pot hanging in the checkout aisle next to the chapstick and batteries.

2. Boots Botanics Facial Oil $8.99 - when you want to spread oil all over your arms and legs, but not when it costs you $50 per bottle, Lacey suggests this oil. affordable and delivers that oil glow you expect.

3. Pixi Nail Polish in $8.00

4. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara $7.99 (not pictured) – lacey told me about this one and i love the brush. it has a butterfly wing shape that gets each and every last lash. love how full and pretty this makes your lashes with perfection separation.

5. No. 7 True Identity Foundation $12.99 - this is one of my all time favorite drug store finds. i am not sure how or why this foundation automatically blends right into your skin, matching your skin tone, but it does. i kid you not.  it is velvety soft and minimizes pores, reminding me a lot of pore-fessional by benefit but with more coverage. it is light and easy and oh so pretty.

6. Jergens BB Cream $11.99 - Lacey swears by this cream to achieve a smooth even skin tone on her legs and arms.  Run a little highlighter down the front of your leg to make them look extra long and glowy.

7. Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser $6.00 - Although a little drying for winter, Lacey uses this cleanser to get all the gunk from sweat and sunscreen out of her pores in the spring and summer. pack this baby for spring break

8. Pixi Crayon Combo - Perfect for that light smoky brown beachy eye. so easy to apply and the prettiest cool brown color.

9. Pixi Correction Concentrate in Peach $12 - the color of this under eye brightening corrector is fantastic but i find the formula a little hard to spread and the last thing i want is to tug the skin under my eyes. mix with a little eye cream or over a little eye cream for smooth application.

10. L’Oreal True Match Color Crayon $7.99 – this concealer matches the skin seamless with great coverage.

11. Essie Nail Polish in Clambake $8.50  - every time i wear this color someone stops to ask what it is. the perfect orangey red that makes tan and pale skin look pretty darn pretty.

12. Revlon Photo Ready Concealer $7.99  - my favorite drugstore concealer. hands down.

13. Fairy Tales Conditioning Spray - I am a complete freak about my kids not getting lice. with three long haired little ones the struggle is real. We have yet to get a case of lice in this house, knock on wood. i attribute it to tea tree oil behind the ears (i know there is controversy, save it) and this conditioning spray. it detangles and repels the little buggers. not available at target online, but search your aisles or buy on amazon.

14. Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight:  The. Perfect. Nude. Lipstick. under $9.00

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esty round up with lil’ mamas

Hello!  So happy to have one of my favorite mamas on the blog today with our etsy round up for February! Ali Aut, over on the lil mamas blog has three of the sweetest little nuggets around, ages 11, 2 and 9 months. i am obsessed with them all. she writes for the sometimes hilarious, sometimes edgy and always unexpected blog, Lil Mamas.  Ali and i share a similar love for all things etsy, handmade and vintage. we can talk for hours about it, so today we are. Here are our favorite etsy finds of the moment. Shop on mamas!

Etsy Round Up February

1. ivory linen baby baptism or blessing dress by chasing mini: with a little girl on the way i can start thinking about really special baby clothes again and this dress is at the top of my list for her blessing.

2. kimonos for little girls by Busy Spinning Thread: i mean if this darling pic doesn’t just kill you the kimonos will.

3.hand carved cow skull by AureusArts: i love the skull trend just as much as the next girl, but this hand carved skull is beautiful to the next level. makes you want to run in the fields with a flower crown on my head.

4. this abstract art work by a handcrafted home: soothing and edgy and happy all at once.

5. Double crest wedding ring by artemer : i am not getting remarried, but if i was, this ring would be on my list.

Ali’s Picks:

LITTLE PRETTIES -There is something about layering bracelets that takes me back to 2nd grade. I had so many friendship bracelets on my wrists I’m sure my mother thought she would have to call the fire department to get them off! These petite baubles are just the right accessory to throw your little ones cuteness factor over the edge. Also, they have a clasp so you can easily remove them without calling 911. Sizes range from infant to adult size.

FAIRYFOLK -My obsession with this company is major. Their large cloud mobile makes me want to have 900 babies, put them in white whimsical clothes and have them floating about all of their beds. It’s just so yummy.

RACHELJOK- Our love of weaving continues with Rachel. I love her because she is constantly restocking her shop with new and innovative weaves. Really, something for everyone.

ADATINE -If you’re like me you can’t look at another stuffed animal. All I think when I look at them are dust and  ALLERGIES. However, not Adatine. This shop makes me so happy. A modern take on a classical must have for kids.

ANCHOREDEEP -Living for these rompers and trying to muster up enough courage to get one made in an adult size! Ya heard!?

fridays i can’t stop… dreaming of being an indoor green thumb

i have a black thumb. a cold dark black thumb. the only plant safe from my deadly grip is the resilient mini cactus. i have those guys down to a science. however, they are not the most kid friendly and now i can’t stop dreaming of big leafy plants in my house because a big prickly cactus just won’t cut it… or it will, quite literally.

i once heard the key to making a house feel alive is live plants. good for the air. good for the soul.

here is a round up of my indoor plant inspiration…


do you know what this tree is?? please tell me. image taken at ambers interiors showroom

indoor plant


indoor cactus

domaine home

indoor plants for modern family


hanging plants


indoor plants 2


best trees for indoors


so what would you pick? i am going with fiddle leaf or dragon tree

ruby tuesdays.. twisted heart hair tutorial for kids

twisted heart hair tutorial for kids.

twisted heart valentines day hair tutorial for kids | the blue closet blog

Twisted heart hair tutorial for kids | kids hairstyles | kids hair tutorial

my hairdresser sent me a similar picture to this hair style and insisted i do a “how to” on this look for valentines day. it might be a little dippy, but if you can’ t be dippy on Vday when can you be dippy?

1. we started by spritzing ruby’s hair with a styling spray and some texturizing spay to help hold the curl and make it slightly more boho. we used this surf spray from target.

2 & 3. we curled all of ruby’s hair with a curling iron, curling away from her face and leaving about 2 inches of the ends straight.

4 & 5.  next, make two small ponytails and secure with clear elastics. the trick to this is to get the ponytails close together. we tried this several times until we got the distance just right, i say about two inches apart should do the trick.

6. now, twist each bunch of hair until it curls up and outward, forming half a heart.

7. secure hair with three bobby pins. one right where the twist connects with the elastic. one at the arch of the heart. connect the two half hearts with an elastic and bobby pin where it forms a cute full heart. we considered adding a cute small bow here as well. in full disclosure we only had a pink clear elastic so i photoshopped it out but use a clear one and secure with a bobby pin and it will look great:)

5. spray with lots of hairspray.  we like the look of texture and beachiness to the hearts so we poked and fluffled the heart to create more texture and interest.

and just because…

little girls valentines day hair tutorial |the blue closet blog

 gap kids shirt $26/ target skirt $14.99/ converse shoes $35

effortless maternity style

effortless maternity style. if you are pregs, you want effortless, comfortable and stylish. i like to keep my pieces clean and versatile because i don’t want to invest in a ton of styles. i like being able to mix all my outfits around and wear tried and true comfy pieces. HOWEVER, this is the time i will invest in jackets, hats, shoes or handbags that i will wear loooong after baby arrives and they always fit.

SOOO… is this the time to announce I AM PREGNANT?? well I am. I am due in June. Look for a post this next week giving you all the details!

effortless maternity style | maternity fashion

felt hat: looking for a departure from the boho shapes you already have? love this fresh round update. and you have to have hats to throw on when pregnant for those days when you are just not feeling up to doing your hair, or anything else…am i right?

perfectly worn denim jacket : i have been looking and looking for a good denim jacket. actually, i have been looking for a vintage, sherpa lined levi jacket that my brother gave me in 7th grade but have not found it all winter ( insert frowny face). this denim is soft and comfy, already worn in and perfect to take me into the fall. white collar shirt / black ripped jeans

worn black leather booties: comfy, no laces and easy to get on while stretching over that baby bump.

lace maternity shirtdress / leather biker jacket : get the leather jacket you have been drooling over now.  feel stylish all 9 months and wear it after baby arrives. because really, has anyone ever regretted buying a black leather jacket? no. (britt, looking at you;)

brown clogs: clogs are my saving grace during pregnancy. cute, stylish and high enough to get you out of the frumpy rut while being easy to walk in. this pair is rocking my world.

*please note, affiliate links were used during this post. all opinions are my own.**