ruby tuesdays… slouchy beanies and the sweater girl

a funny thing happened this holiday week. as i lifted my head from the fog that accompanies a week of chronic migraines I find my little rubes dawning a new slouchy beanie.  she ran out the door to go camping with her daddy and brothers and although she left the dust and dirt behind she returned home with the beanie glued to her little head. on the third day she came to give me kisses before she went off to play in the backyard with yet another beanie on. she had been collected them all over the house because some were mine, some were her brothers.

i asked her to sit with me to go over some things she wanted for christmas. as we made her list and began to address the “something to wear” part of the conversation i told her how much i loved her new look and how cute the little hats were on her with her wild braids hanging down the sides.

a girl and her day old braids

i pulled up some of our favorite sites and she approved and denied several articles of clothing until i got to her favorite store, zara. i scrolled through the sweatshirts and she hemmed and hawed. i said, “i thought you loved sweatshirts? don’t you? you love being comfy.” she responded “no no mom. you have me all wrong. i am much more of a sweater girl.” oh. well okay. i couldn’t help but to secretly smile the way moms do when you feel like you have won the style war and they don’t even know it. sweaters? yes please! i love sweaters.

i love how she put her own little twist on this big chunky sweater from gap with her slouchy beanie, oversized boyfriend tee and coated denim… along with her brothers hand me down sherpa boots from costco. a complete departure from the preppy plaid look she wore a few weeks ago.

slouchy beanies and sweaters sweaters for little girls 1

ruby playing kick

this is what she picked… click description for product link

holiday gift guide for the stylish little girl

leopard sweater $39 / striped furry sweater $39 / boyfriend jeans $39 / rubberized leggings $15 / gold and cream sequin skirt $15 / plaid shirt $24 / fringe boots $69 / sam edelman booties $64 / neff beanie $16


holiday dresses for under $100

i love me a good dress to get me through the holidays. Remember these three babies from  last year? still love. this year i am needing everything from the kids’ holiday gingerbread parties to lounging around watching football to the hus’ office party. This little list has something for everyone.

holiday dresses under $100 copy

plaid shirt dress $79.90/  layered dress $49 / fringe dress $99 / faux leather dress $79

asos dresses: green pleated skater dress with high neck $56 / sweater dress $75 / t-shirt wrapped lbd $79 /leopard sweater dress $85

forever 21: plaid shirt dress $24 / boho floral dress $27

urban outfitters: high low tee dress $69  gap: plaid dress $59 free people: green maxi dress $78

Want even more screamin deals? check out these sites for black friday and cyber monday!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 4.51.50 PM


j.crewScreen Shot 2014-11-26 at 6.42.01 AM

christmas gift ideas for the kids that last and inspire togetherness…

there are many ways to approach the gift giving season. one of my sister in laws adopted the “something you want, something you need, something you read” idea this year, which i love. we usually do something you wear, something WE share, something you want and somewhere we go. this means, an outfit, something that encourages us to all be together (like #5), a toy or game and my hus looooves to give a trip that we all take together.  here are some of my favorites this year.

1.Public balance bike: Ello got a balance bike over a year ago and it was the best purchase ever. he zooms around so fast on it that now he is graduating to a big guy bike. IF you have a little one ages 2-4 you have to get them one and now the amazing company PUBLIC has released their own version and they are on sale right now. get one. fast.

2. Fairy House Kit: we talked about this last year. i loved putting these together with ruby and watching her rearrange and check on her fairies each day.

3. Fancy Bobbi Pins: perfectly adorable stocking stuffer and 30% off right now!

4. Ribbon Twirler: you know on Christmas morning where you open that one cheap gift and you can’t put it down all day? that is this one.

5. our favorite restaurant has these giant jenga blocks that we LOVE playing when we go there. I found them on amazon.

6. I would love this swing, but it is sold out and pretty expensive. I hope the hus will make us a simple version.

7. Picasso Tiles: These tiles are expensive, yes, but my kids are obsessed with them. Our dear friends have a million of them and i can’t get my 9, 6 or 4 year old away from them. Worth it.

christmas gifts for kids that last and inspire

1. mini public bike for kids $99 / 2. fairy house kit $45 /3. fancy bobbi pins $22 / 4. ribbon twirler $8.95 / picasso tiles $99 / giant jenga $139 /   multiplication table $49 / DIY indoor swing like this boho version /

falling into the gap…

falling into gap kids for fall…

rubes and ello in the bathroom

ruby in gap kids plaid skirt and fair isle cardigan and t strap flatsello in his bow tie and suspenders

ello and his long curls

the boys

what goodies did you scoop up from the gap friends and family sale this weekend? this is the time when i stock up on pants and pj’s for the kids… the things i hate paying full price for. Today things are STILL 30% off when you use the code HAPPY, so get there if you didn’t already.

Gap is having a Little House on the Praire moment and it is resulting in the sweetest little florals and coolest utilitarian shirts for boys at killer prices. ruby won’t wear these florals because she says “they don’t look like a hippie would wear them.” but they are adorable none the less and if i had another daughter i would be reliving my Little House on the Prairie dreams.

and should we talk about the collab with kate spade? i am especially loving the tablet covers for stocking stuffers.

On Ruby:

fair isle cardigan / plaid skirt / cream lace shirt - perfect for layering with juuuust enough lace to make it boho enough for missy james / t strap shoes - the  rad deal i found here: loved these over at jcrew for $128, but loved them even more at zara for $36 whoohoo been waiting for an affordable pair for quite some time.

On the Boys:

collar shirt / cords cardigansuspenders / bow tie


Stay and Co Relaunch!! They’re BACK!

there are some really great perks that come with blogging and my favorite, by far, is to connect with other creatives.  I met Megan over at Stay and Co through family and immediately knew she and i were speaking the same language. There is something that just makes sense when you meet a fellow creative and Megan and Kailee are some of the hardest working out there. OH and one more thing… they are local girls. All of their items are sourced in LA which makes me so so happy. Being fellow small business owners in the LA area the Hus and i know it aint’ easy to work in LA. you have to respect the hustle of these girls.


Aside from all of that, their products are RAD and so well made. Soft, gorgeous and they always get their colors juuuust right.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the army green blanket for some friends who are expecting. From razor back dresses to drop crouch shorts I am loving their new line!

here are my top picks…


stay and co faves What do you think?