ello’s fourth birthday with the cutest cake topper ever

so i have been a little MIA lately. blah blah blah. I am back and ready to go for next week! but first i wanted to share a little something about ello’s fourth bday!

recently ello turned four. due to some crazy scheduling the hus could not be there the night of his big day. BUT we forged on. First we celebrated at the beach because he loves that place i tell ya. thats when he wore his captain america costume  (remember that instagram, my heart skips a beat when i see it) that his mema got him. right there on the 90 degree hot beach.

then we got out this fancy (just kidding) cake that we make every year. he said he wanted two things. 1. a chocolate cake 2. dinosaurs on top. like real live ones. i didn’t have any real live ones so this minis had to do. he ate it. he said it was the most disgusting cake he ever had in his whole life. then he licked the dinos feet. okay. moving on.

we got this adorable cake topper from the amazing lisa leonard and you know why i love it? first because i never have anything to plop on top of a cake when there is an actual celebration. when i am actually ready to get fancy and make the worst cake in the entire world, i have nada to put on top. and you want to know another secret. i have tons of candles, but i think this is the first time in 8 years of being a mom i actually lit the candles and one of my children blew them out because i always forget.  sooo… a metal cake topper is rad for me. secondly, i can use this one for baby showers, school parties and whatever.

lisa leonard cake toppers lisa leonard Hooray cake Topper

we told him his hair was going to light on fire so let us pull it back. he hated that idea. so we slicked it down real nice.


ruby tuesdays… pajama time

what would a summer be with a trampoline without trying to sleep out on said trampoline at least once? useless. the kids got all fancy with their blankets and snacks and harry potter book 1 that we have been nursing for a year now, looking for a night full of fun sleeping under the stars. hus and i knew this would never come to fruition so once we had them all settled in we went inside to watch our trashy reality tv and wait for the first child to give up. five minutes later ruby came in. she heard zombies. ten minutes later the boys followed. but at least they looked all idealic and amazing snuggled under the covers in their gorgeous pj’s from amiki. they are the prettiest little pj’s. you are gonna wanna pin these for holiday time. classic, vintage inspired and so beautiful.

beautiful classic pajamas for little kids

pajamas for little girls cutest pajamas for little girls

trampoline sleepovers

ello pajamas pajamas for kids and backyard sleepovers

back to school preschool style with hatched baby and a discount code!!

one last hoorah before school starts at the santa monica pier.
Santa Monica Pier 2 Malibu Pier 1

santa monica pier 4

this sneaky little devil stood on his tiptoes to try to make the rides since he was denied access by the carni folks last week at the fair.  i could die over this little face looking all innocent and this shirt. the shirt is brought to you by the amazing online shop for babies to toddlers, hatched baby. i had the best time shopping their site for back to school for this munchkin. hatched baby carries a whole bunch of our favorite brands and now they are offering my readers 15% off their next order until Wednesday so get crackin!

hatched baby clothing for kidssanta monica pier 12 santa monica pier 7 santa monica pier 8 santa monica pier 6 santa monica pier 10

this heights hating boy waited patiently for the little ones to get off the ferris wheel.

santa monica pier 11 santa monica pier 9

don’t forget those babies and preschoolers while you are getting ready for back to school. i am so so excited to offer you 15% off hatched baby online when you use the discount code bluecloset. LOVE this shop!! here are my favorite picks:

ello: shirt c/o hatched baby / shorts / shoes


cutest baby clothes from hatched baby

1. cleobella  tan  tote

2. i can die now. this weekender is everything.

3. well, you know, ruby lives in these dresses mexican floral dress

4.  pink floral dress

5. warrior tank

6. could you die? get this swimmer for next year! such a good deal right now by mini rodini

7. too fast tee

8. pink floyd tee

9.  pretzel onesie 

10. i want this romper for every friend having a baby NOW! sailboat romper 

11. batman onesie (just in time for halloween!!)

12. camo harem pants /

mama style with hey natalie jean…

do you follow hey natalie jean? you should. she is a brilliant writer and funny and strong and oh so stylish. we decided to team up to inspire one another on what we wear. i looked to natalie for overall inspiration and she looked to me for some kaftan inspo. click on over to her blog and check out all the deets. hope you like it.

overalls 3 overalls 2 overalls 1

denim shirt / overalls from h&m / shoes/ bikini top / hat / glasses /

the boys beauty lab…hairstyles for boys

my boys, their hair, they take it very seriously… remember this post i wrote two years ago about cutting the curls? Well we cut them and then we grew them out longer and longer and longer until we could do this samurai bun hairstyle.

i am often asked how we do the boys’ hair and to be honest, i don’t. hus does.  i had to call him in because he gets them lookin real nice. in fact he even has ello happily wearing the beloved samurai.

now on a side note, even when we are growing out their hair we get it trimmed regularlyish to keep the shape and weight in check.

how to do little boys hair long


1. stare all goggly eyed at your dad because he is everything.

2. wet the hair with you hands.

3. spread a little styling cream in the palm of your hands until it is an even consistency and run through the hair.

4. shake it out.

5. yep.

6. let it dry, the curls will come.

7. finish with a mist of hairspray.

NOW if you want to take it a step further and pull the hair back into a samurai style ponytail here you go…

how to do a samurai ponytail on little boy with long hair | surfer long shaggy curly hair for boys

1. more excitement.

2. define a little part in the hair.

3. pull hair back with hands, don’t make it perfect, and secure with a hair tie.

4. make the ponytail pointy. it dries better on ello and doesn’t look quite so girly.

5 – 9 crack yourself up acting like a yogi.

some from the iphone…

long hairstyles for little boys

Myes always has an opinion about his hair. two years ago he did the whole jeff from the bachelorette thing. last year, he wanted tony hawk’s hair from the 80′s. in the spring we had to buzz his head so when he ripped off his catcher’s helmet he could actually see the ball and he has been growing it out ever since.

have you had the experience with your son when he tries to do his own hair and he comes out and either A. has used all your expensive hair spray to create some crunchy mass on his head. B. his hair looks great from the front but yet retains his bed head in the back where he forgot to reach. or C. both. us too. it used to take a village to get myes hair done right and to his specifications. many tears were shed and many times we were late in the process of learning how he likes his hair. when he began doing it himself dreams started coming true. hus has worked with him a lot and although it does not always look perfect in this weird growing out stage i thought it would be helpful to show you how he does it, since so many people ask and i cannot believe we are here with a boy old enough to do his own hair.

perfect little guide for back to school to help your little man style his own hair


1. get it wet.

2. use this much styling cream.

3. rub styling cream in the palms of your hands to get the cream nice and soft and then spread throughout hair, working it through with the fingers.

4. don’t forget the back.

5. use a brush to make the part. hus only uses his hands, myes likes to use both.

6. shake it out so it is a little imperfect.

7. fluff up the wings in the back. sometimes myes will put on a hat for about 15 minutes if he really wants to get the wings going.

8. smile that awkward eight year old smile because you are so proud  of yourself and because your teeth still haven’t grown all the way in since you lost them four months ago.

9. finish with hairspray


best hair products for little boys hairstyles

1.  tangled tantrum separation anxiety (this company reached out to me and i am so glad they did.  the products are really great. the scent is beyond amazing and they are paraban free.)

2. axe clean cut cream: love the price and that it is available at target. it holds up well with my active boys.

3. loreal elnett hairspray 

4. wet brush: the brush heard around the world and for good reason, we have 4 in our house, all in different colors so we know where they belong. plus they are available at target now.

5. paul mitchell tea tree shaping cream (this is hus’ favorite but its pretty expensive so we use the other two on the boys if we can help it)

* i may receive a fee if you purchase products through this blog, the blue closet. all opinions are yours truly. thanks for your support.