parenting stuff…workin hard for her money with chore punch cards

ruby spotted these leather boots during back to school shopping and got all “i have to have those boots or i will die” on me. they are spency and i wasn’t wowed by them, so i told her if she saved for half, which i knew would never happen or maybe it would and by the grace of God  the boots would be on sale by the time she saved enough. i was hopeful that the boots would be forgotten and we could move on. she hasn’t.

we have tried charts through the years, and they work for a while but then their novelty fades and they are forgotten. which is fine. we are always trying and i think that is what is important but i recently found these fun little punch cards from thirty handmade days. Mique is a digital genius and i love her blog because she has great ideas but then makes all the digital goods for you so you just print and go and get all the credit.  i knew my kids would get behind a punch chart because it is freaking easy!! yay! we printed the simple punch charts with no labels or assignments listed on them. this way i can tell them to punch a hole for good behavior, a completed chore, doing homework with a good attitude or serving someone else, whatever i feel like working on that day.

we have been changing what they can earn money for each week. this week it is for a clean room before bed and before school.  if they fight or do something unkind they lose fifty cents of that allowance. this is aside from the their regular daily chores. it has given miss ruby a great chance to sort, count, record and be responsible for her money.

allowance for kids working for her money helping kids save money



shirt/ shorts from the gap

The perfect punch card to teach kids responisibilitygo here to print these amazing cards by the amazing thirty handmade days

beauty closet… back to school beauty picks for women

lacey and i are back for another installment of the beauty closet. recently lacey had the honor of working with sephora, and you know how we love sephora. we are all busy women and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk about how busy they are so, with that aside lets move forward with our busy lives. lacey is literally going back to school for her second year in her masters degree program. i just love a back to school freshening up so we put our heads together and each came up with our go -to can’t live without back to school beauty faves for this fall.

lacey’s picks:

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light:

This little gem is my favorite go to. At 33 my appetite for glitter/shimmer has been dormant for well over a decade and frankly, I don’t have the time to deal with budding crow’s feet illuminated with reflective particles of iridescence. What I do need and want however is a healthy glow. This finishing powder makes every picture, humid day, and micro wrinkle that much more bearable. From the lighting inside the classroom to the bright summer sun at midday, this little dream, especially when applied in downward strokes, transforms my surface imperfections into a soft blanket of smooth. My skin needs to breathe but also appear lit up from within, check and check.

Smashbox – Bronze Lights – Sunkissed Matte

Is there a more important staple besides mascara and concealer, than a bronzer? I think not. This one is as matte as I can find, an even more amped up staple. I plan on continuing to use this power player way into my Indian Summer to contour, accent, define, and even as an allover eye shadow (or in the crease) with a brown gel eyeliner for summer nights, keeping it natch in the heat. I use this every day with a series of revolving palettes to keep me looking Vitamin D sufficient.

Dior Addict 389, Kiss Me

Some days I just need color! Period. The end. When I do, this is my crush. It seems lighter in the packaging than it is. It is, most def pink, but the best one I can find. Its application is wet, but doesn’t stay that way. You feel like you are getting a bit bamboozled by the texture, but you are so happy with the color that you don’t mind. And when you come back a few minutes later to reevaluate you accept that this lipstick/gloss hybrid has an agenda of her own, she is tricky, but oh so good. Try it with a pony to open up the eyes or let it be the focal point while you accommodate day 2(or 3) (or 4, I don’t judge) of your blow out.

Cassaundra’s Picks:


back to school fall beauty basics

1. Skindinavia Bridal Make Up Finish:

I like to finish my make up off right and THIS is my favorite make up finishing spray. It keeps everything right where i put it, all day. period. easy as that.

2. Color Proof Super Plump Volumizing Conditioner:

i was a little hesitant when my local beauty shop suggested this conditioner but then i tried it. I love the scent,  kind of a cocoa meets something else yummy and it is rich and weightless at the same time. it took a lot of finagling and an allergic reaction to pull me away from my favorite hair care brand bumble and bumble but i really like this conditioner so i am sticking to it.

3. Marc Jacobs: Funny Girl Nail Polish

i have a hard time finding nude polishes that i love. this one by marc jacobs is super shiny, long lasting, not too gray, not too beige…its juuust right. the price tag is a little hard to swallow but i have been wearing this baby for weeks now and i am LOVING it!

4. Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner:

i have worn a thick line of eyeliner ever since i was fifteen. it is my drooled stained security blanket of make up. i feel undone without it. trying new eyeliners is my jam. i have some criteria for a good eyeliner. 1. must go on smooth and not tug the eye. eye tugging creates wrinkles and the pencil will skip and make unwanted marks. 2. it must be long lasting. 3. it cannot budge.  Gel liners are great for this but with the typical pot and brush technique it wrecks havoc on my brushes and they dry out before i use all the product. this is the first clickable gel liner with a perfectly shaped brush applicator to create the perfect cat eye that stays all day. thank you benefit.

* i may earn a fee if you purchase products through this blog. it is how we keep this blog going. you get that, right?  all opinions are my own. thanks for your support. it means so much.

girl style… black leather moto jacket for little girls

if you buy one piece for your daughter this fall PLEASE let it be this black leather moto jacket from the gap. on sale right now for $47 and worth each and every copper head.

pair it with her favorite boho dresses or striped tees,  boyfriend jeans and sneaks.

black leather moto jacket for girls

gap leather moto jacket

ello’s fourth birthday with the cutest cake topper ever

so i have been a little MIA lately. blah blah blah. I am back and ready to go for next week! but first i wanted to share a little something about ello’s fourth bday!

recently ello turned four. due to some crazy scheduling the hus could not be there the night of his big day. BUT we forged on. First we celebrated at the beach because he loves that place i tell ya. thats when he wore his captain america costume  (remember that instagram, my heart skips a beat when i see it) that his mema got him. right there on the 90 degree hot beach.

then we got out this fancy (just kidding) cake that we make every year. he said he wanted two things. 1. a chocolate cake 2. dinosaurs on top. like real live ones. i didn’t have any real live ones so this minis had to do. he ate it. he said it was the most disgusting cake he ever had in his whole life. then he licked the dinos feet. okay. moving on.

we got this adorable cake topper from the amazing lisa leonard and you know why i love it? first because i never have anything to plop on top of a cake when there is an actual celebration. when i am actually ready to get fancy and make the worst cake in the entire world, i have nada to put on top. and you want to know another secret. i have tons of candles, but i think this is the first time in 8 years of being a mom i actually lit the candles and one of my children blew them out because i always forget.  sooo… a metal cake topper is rad for me. secondly, i can use this one for baby showers, school parties and whatever.

lisa leonard cake toppers lisa leonard Hooray cake Topper

we told him his hair was going to light on fire so let us pull it back. he hated that idea. so we slicked it down real nice.


ruby tuesdays… pajama time

what would a summer be with a trampoline without trying to sleep out on said trampoline at least once? useless. the kids got all fancy with their blankets and snacks and harry potter book 1 that we have been nursing for a year now, looking for a night full of fun sleeping under the stars. hus and i knew this would never come to fruition so once we had them all settled in we went inside to watch our trashy reality tv and wait for the first child to give up. five minutes later ruby came in. she heard zombies. ten minutes later the boys followed. but at least they looked all idealic and amazing snuggled under the covers in their gorgeous pj’s from amiki. they are the prettiest little pj’s. you are gonna wanna pin these for holiday time. classic, vintage inspired and so beautiful.

beautiful classic pajamas for little kids

pajamas for little girls cutest pajamas for little girls

trampoline sleepovers

ello pajamas pajamas for kids and backyard sleepovers