beauty closet… easy dress, easy concealers for LOTS of coverage

big dresses for body coverage with breeziness underneath are my jam right now. this shirtdress from urban outfitters is thick and roomy. it will transition real nice into the fall.

and these concealers have become my face coverage jam. see why.

side note: ello decided to make a ” real live ocean” in our bath tub for his polar bears to swim in. he is checking out their progress, one was drowning.

urban outfitters black dress urban outfitters black caftan shirtdress


best concealers for the job

dress (and i think i might have this hemmed to just an inch or two under my knee) / sandals / vintage bolo tie from this amazing shop

1. covergirl illuminator (comes in three shades, the light is really light)

2. bobbi brown tinted brightener ( i use bisque 3 and yes i like it more then the YSL version. remember THIS post. a must read, still one of my favorites and i use the tricks EVERYDAY.)

3. covergirl tru blend fixstick (i use medium/light)

4. laura mercier secret concealer ( i use 2)

5. urban decay 24/7 concealer  (if this were easy to sharpen i would give it a 10 the matte coverage is flawless but it is such a pain to sharpen and you lose so much make up in the process.)

ruby tuesdays…mommy daughter trip

a few months back my oldest childhood friend and college roommate invited ruby and i to her home in utah to spend a few days with her and her daughter. the girls were born only six weeks apart and although they hadn’t seen each other since they were babies we knew they would hit it off real nice.

so after answering ruby’s questions like “are you saying a “basement” is like a tunnel?” we went to visit our friends. THIS is a trip you must do with you little girls. Without the distraction of her brothers and life ruby and i cruised through our trip. For the first time ever I packed for just carryon luggage…it was dreamy.

from the iphone…

mommy daughter travel

mommy daughter girls trip 2 mommy daughter girls trip

ruby: hat old (very similar and can’t wait to get this one)/ tank/ palazzo pants

me: hat

Day 1: We stayed at this beautiful hotel and enjoyed the pool, room service and this adorable toy store where we made one of the best investments of our lives. Go Fish Cards.

it took a moment for the girls to warm up as we toured salt lake city.

mommy daughter weekend trip



but just a few hours later ruby had forced baylee to get reeeal nice and cozy with her…

ruby and baylee girls weekend

hulls are touchers. not too worried they had only met three hours before.

by that night they were snuggled in bed eating their room service carrots and ranch and cracking up.

mommy daughter girls trip idea

and the next morning, jen caught them hiding in the closet playing Go Fish and on Ruby’s iPod all quiet like.

Day 2: Park City

mommy daughter trip alpine slides in utah mommy daughter trip in park city utah mommy daughter trip to park city



baylee tucks in her shirt so then ruby did.

girls trip in park city


Day 3 and 4 was a whirlwind of eating and waterslides. magic.

ruby: shirt/ shorts/ sandals 

me: hat/dress and now its on sale for $25!! get there. (still loving my swing dresses and love it in GREEN and this FLORAL one)/ kimono/sunnies

this little girl knows how to do a girl’s trip. i am scared. so scared. she is a wild child. fun and laughter are her one and only goals.

I don’t post on Wednesdays, but this THURSDAY we are back in the beauty closet talking favorite cancelers!! exciting crap guys.

this summer in style and life…

we go hard in the summer. hence my erratic blogging lately.

this summer, i fell in love with rompers and mumus. so did ruby.

ello became a nail biter because he used to twirl his hair around his finger until it made too many “nuts” in his hair so he switched out that adorable habit for nail biting. which on a germ level makes me sick but on a mom level i love how cute his little fingers look all chewed up. wrong of me? probably. he is gonna get worms right?

myes has spent like three days with us. he is killing me with all his sleepovers with cousins and a vacay with mema and papa. the few days that he we are rad enough to enjoy his presence we have been at the skatepark or surfing.

my bff came to visit in between his finals (my beauty contributor is also kind of a genius and is getting her masters in clinical mental health).

and sister finally finished her home in malibu. it is my happy place. it is 100 stair steps from the beach white, modern, finished with all tiles by heath ceramics and amazing. you know when people used a super human amount of restraint in their design and it comes out so much more stunning then if it was mucked up with elements? that is this house.

sister malibu house

they built this locker at the bottom of their stairs so we don’t have to lug our chairs and umbrellas and boogie boards up and down those stairs.sisters beach house 2

lacey and me

ruby and halle

jumping in malibu

myes skateboarding

old navy stripe tankini for little girls swimwear for little girls ello baby

Me: hat/ romper/ sunnies

ruby: tankini (similar)/blue mumu from amazon/ cream mumu

ello: striped shorts

myes: his favorite printed socks



beauty closet… sunburn care for sensitive skin

our battle with ruby’s super sensitive skin continues. after returning home from lake powell she was left with dry patches and chaffing on her face. we did not do enough to prevent the chaffing or wind chapped skin caused by riding in the boat and wearing a life jacket that can often rub on the chin and armpits, which literally happened on the first day. once the skin is wind chapped it is hard to heal so now that her skin was damaged we needed to focus on healing the skin.  even aquaphor stung her chapped cheeks. the key with her sensitive skin is to apply aquaphor each night  (and day if protected heavily by sunscreen, otherwise i apply the ointment and keep her inside until it really absorbs) in order to hydrate and prepare for the exposure of the following day.

once the skin has been chapped it is hard to apply anything. she literally was being chemically burned by sunscreens on her raw skin so we used plan B. hat, indoors and mineral SPF when she went out, were the only solution.

do you see this poor chin?  we used our three best finds to fix the damaged skin and within four days, it was healed without the burning.

sensitive skin, chapped, sunburned skin for kids how to heal sensitive skin for kids skin care for kids with sensitive skin | how to help chapped skin

cure sensitive chapped skin

noxema $3.99 / honest healing balm $12.99 / organic coconut oil from trader joe’s

ruby tuesdays… sister and baby

sister and baby are the best of friends.

big sister and little brother love sister and brother love brother and sister love brother and sisterall day long these two.