my asos dress obsession continues…

i have two uniforms, jeans and white tees and comfy comfy dresses. asos always gets it right and at great prices. here is what i would buy if i needed 8 more dresses;) blush colors, dots, tribal maxis – just when i think i am so over the tribal trend i see these and i am back in, midi length

asos dresses


click the corresponding number to buy: 1/2/3 button off waist/4/5/6/7/8

beauty closet… beachy waves overnight

you know i think my BFF is a beauty genius. this week she has taken it to whole new level of geniusness (which is not a word. i am not a genius). Lacey, The Blue Closet’s beauty guru, gave me one of the best hair tips i have ever been given. ever. life changing really.

we are all busy. wether you are a  mom, working lady, going to school or whatever EVERYONE is busy nowadays. mornings seem to evaporate right before my eyes and the quicker i can get moving the better. you have asked, and here is the answer. how to i get my waves… enter lacey’s beauty tip genius.

Create  beachy textured hair overnight by sleeping in this super sexy braid (wink wink. its not, you might as well throw on your mumu with the braid since you are already repelling the men folk). Wash hair at night. when it has dried slightly do the following:

how to get volume in your hair how to get voluminour textured hair

how to get beachy texture and major volume |the blue closet texture

For your information, my hair is naturally straight and Lacey’s is naturally wavy, hence the difference in our waviness. how to wake up to beachy wavesSteps 1 -4: spray this root lift spray on your side part on the right, the left and then down the middle. then work the root lifter into the hair. Add a little bit of texture spray. I like this one and this one.

Step 5:  flip your head upside down. for major volume french braid from the base of your neck backwards up the top of your head from neck to end of hair. Or you can just flip the head upside down, braid hair backwards from base of neck to tip of hair.

Step 6: loosen braid using your fingers to create a little separation.

Step 7: Flip your braid back down the back of your head and secure with a hair claw.

Step 8: go to bed. in the morning. shake it out and boom. that’s it. beachy textured waves. now you wake up with hair that is ready to go!

Don’t have time to sleep on it? Do steps 1-7 and blow dry braid instead of going to sleep.

best hair products to create volume and texture |the blue closet

Enjoy Texture Spray $11.25  (a little goes a long way)/ big sexy root lifter $17.99 / Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $42

ruby tuesdays birthday and bad mom confessions…

there was a time when i would have stressed over every party detail  (maybe about the time pinterest was invented;). a time when i would have carefully tied each bow on each party favor… all the while ignoring my kids. i know there is a better way to party plan, i watch my friends do it all the time but for me i can’t do it. i obsess over the details and ignore my kids. i confess. i am horrible.

art party at color me mine_1

this year i was determined to keep it simple. i didn’t want to just make the DAY memorable and special for them, i wanted to make their whole birthday season special by putting things away and making them the priority over the goody bags’ tags and cupcakes. Enter my friend Stacey. She just started a new company, P.S. Dilly Creations and for a reasonable price she took care of all those details that used to get me so flustered and took total control of the party planning and execution.

she shopped the dollar store and found great prices on goody bag materials. she scoured the internet for just the little details i would love, like the “creative juice” originally seen here and the paint brush cake pops originally seen here and came up with some great ideas to bring to the table as well. i tell you i was so cool calm and collected the day of the party, that is until fifteen six year old girls showed up.

there was a horrible, but blessed (just ask the birthday girl she is so so concerned about this drought) rainstorm, no better way to celebrate then indoors at color me mine painting right?

we started her day as usual with her favorite breakfast. this year she chose reeses puffs cereal and donuts over pink syrup and pancakes. she put the crown on that she has been wearing each birthday since she turned one. i spent the morning getting choked up and taking pictures as she used her new “skin colored pencils” to create people of all races and colors.

i am THAT mom. i cry on their birthdays. i need to be an embracer.

rubys sixth birthday little girls party outfit ruby's 6th birthday art party at color me mine for kids art party at color me mine_2

instead of traditional birthday cake ruby chose a giant bowl of frosting that we scooped out in little cups for her friends… there was no complaining from the little ones. AND for the first time ever i remembered the candles and a lighter. probably because i wasn’t worrying about a million other party at color me mine_3

ruby's sixth birthdayruby: tee / skirt /target leggings/ leather sleeve denim jacket c/o guess kids / boots (old from zara)

and lastly can i beg a tween to have a hippie party so P.S. Dilly can make these adorable cookies again? and will you invite me? i am obsessed.

sunflower and butterfliesso tell me… how do you handle your kid’s birthday parties. Keep it simple? hire help? half and half?



monday rad deals…

can we talk about target’s shoe selection for a minute? they are kind of killing it from women’s to baby.

i was feeling very 1970′s meets 1990′s meets my senior trip to Germany this week and snatched these babies up as soon as i saw them…

i will be wearing them with a long flowy maxi & midi skirts and boyfriend jeans.

target platform sandal

here are my other target picks…target shoes for women and children

no. 1 target mule $34.99 / no. 2 flat brown sandal $19.99 /no. 3 wedge platform $29.99  / fringe maxi $19 (not pictured but go look, so worth it for your beach cover up)

no. 4 floral combat boots $34.99 click here for toddler size $24 / no. 5 pink rain boots $27.99 /no. 6  stripe and cheetah slip ons $19 /no. 7  black and blue slip ons $12.99 / no. 8 chambray lace up $8.99 / no. 9 gray high tops $16.99 /no. 10  red and blue stripe $19 /

I have some really exciting baby related things coming up this week! I CANNOT wait to share. so if you are pregnant or have a baby or have a friend who is pregnant or has babies BE SURE to check back each day this week to get the scoop.

baby style1. butterfly sundress $12 /2. baby sandal $7.99/ 3. yellow sundress $19 /4. floral bloomers $25 /5. embroidered bubble $17 / 6. floral combat boots $24.99 7.  boys striped overalls /8. camo leggings for baby $18 / 9. striped one piece $10 / 10. like a boss onesie $25/ 11. striped slip ons $25


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beauty closet…coral and nectar spring trend 2014

hello. i am so excited to share spring beauty trends over the next month, especially my post for next week. big voluminous, slightly off kilter hair. the hair you want. tips tricks and products so stay tuned!!!

today we are talking about one beauty trend that is so stinking easy and looks beautiful on all skin tones. “coral” or “nectar” is what they are calling it. its the perfect look of warm and flattering with a little fun punch. Lacey found some gorgeous colors from Bobbi Brown and the drugstore and we have been emailing and texting about them for days.southern california beauty blogger talks spring trends deborah lippman coral nail polish for spring beauty trend coral and nectar

coral beauty trends for spring 2014


bobbi brown shimmer brick $42 / deborah lippman nail polish $18 / nectar lip pot for lips and cheeks $26 / nars multiple stick $40

spring 2014 beauty trend coral and nector

 No. 1 nars multiple stick $40 - for the cheeks and lips. there is a reason Nars keeps pumping out the orgasm color line, it looks great on everyone. a peachy pink with a little shimmer. i put the orgasm on the apples of my cheeks and cheekbone, being careful to not put over the fine lines under my eyes. that is the last thing i want to highlight.

No. 2 underneath the Orgasm i blend Nars St. Barts multiple stick for a bronzy look and took contour my cheekbone a little.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Mischeiveious $6.49: I looove matte lipsticks. this one is a great matte. when i first applied the balm it seemed too bright but with just a little blending with my finger it turned into this soft peachy shade. i apply it to the apples of my cheeks as well. love.

No. 4:  Bobbi Brown  lip pot for lips and cheeks in nectar $26  my favorite. it is what i am wearing in the pictures. goes on beautiful and blends seamlessly.

No. 5: Essie Tart Deco $8

No. 6 deborah lippman nail polish $18 /: as seen in the picture.

What do you think? You in on this trend??