best metallic and gold nail polishes

best metallic and gold nail polishes… my four faves. Penny Talk being my most fave. It is the one i have on in my instagram post. the hints of rose gold make it just a smidge more interesting then regular gold… which i also love.

best gold nail polish gold nail polish colors sharing gold nail polish colors metallic gold and silver polish metallic nail polish colors silver and gold metallic nail polishes


sally hansen chrome, essie no place like chrome / essie penny talk / essie good as gold

asos dress $33 / asos boots $133

beauty bag: brighter eyes…november beauty picks

lacey is the friend whenever you see her you HAVE to know what she is doing with skin, make-up and health right then and there. her skin is flawless. i mean FLAWLESS. lacey worked in the cosmetic and skincare field for years before going back to school this year to receive her masters degree in social work and mental health. she is brilliant and her heart shines ten times brighter then her glowing skin.

she has read every review and tried every product coupled with the inside scoop on what is going down in the beauty field she always has a trick or two up her sleeve.


 we made our usual trip to sephora. we spend hours, literally, combing the aisles, trying products, suggesting what we love and discussing pros and cons. this time was extra fun because two of my sister in laws joined us. it is not hard to get people to join lacey at sephora. miracle worker. this month we were on the hunt for brighter eyes and as always, lacey knew what i needed with a two prong approach. step one, cover dark circles and step two, create a fierce brow. here is how she did it.

brighter eyes in 5 steps



Step 1: dab Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener  ($30) under the eye where dark circles occur and blend by gently patting the cream into the skin.

Step 2: Highlight under the brow by running high brow  ($20) across the brow bone, right up to the eye brow hairs. then blend with your finger.

Step 3: using sonia kashuk eye brow pencil ($5.99) fill in sparse areas. shape brow by lightly drawing a line from the inner brow to the outer by following your existing brow hair line. you are not creating a new line, just filling and shaping the existing brows.  then go back through with more pressure using tiny flicks of the pencils to fill in any gaps. make marks going in both directions to really fill them in. don’t be scared.

Step 4: use the gimme brow ($22) wand to fill and set the brow. go over the eyebrow to add volume and fullness to your brow.

how to brighten eyes fast

do eyeshadow and eyeliner as you normally would.

Step 5: finish by lining the inner corners of eyes and the inner bottom eyelid with high brow or a nude liner, not white, nude color.

and bam my sleepy eyes were looking refreshed and lovely.

of course lacey would never leave me without encouraging me to drink a gallon more water a day. i love best friends.

sign off xoxo image


best not too dark, not too light fall nail color…

my kids are in school now which means i can actually get pedicures and manicures, finding a place that isn’t gamey is half the battle. i have never been a regular pedi/mani girl but with this new found freedom (which i am sure is a 90′s band name) i  have been starting to treat myself. yay.

when i wear these two colors the compliments just roll on in. not too dark, not too light fall nail polish perfect for  a girl who has sometimes tan, sometimes pale and sometimes man hands.


perfect fall nail polish colors 2


butter nail polish in Toff _ the perfect dusty purple, not lavender not eggplant just somewhere perfectly in the middle.

OPI nail polish in Chocolate Moose - a fantastic brown with just enough peach to make it flattering.

nail polish that stays put…no salon, no damage

my new best friend! nail polish that stays put, dries fast, no damage and no equipment needed.

I love getting my nails done. I have always kept it to basic pedicures because as a mom my finger nail polish barely makes it to the car without a smudge of some sort. I have tried the gel manicures  and although i love the no chipping aspect of them, I rarely can go to the salon every two weeks for the regrowth AND it took months for my nails to recover from the damage inflicted.

My sister-in-law told me about this stuff, Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab.

I am sold.

Here is how it works… You paint the base coat, wait one minute, apply nail polish. Wait another minute between each coat then finish with the Top Coat.  It dries hard within minutes and you can go to the car without without worry. Or if you are doing it yourself, go pick up the kids and put dishes away worry free!

The other BEST part… you can remove it yourself with simple nail polish remover, no damage done! You can apply it yourself from home with no special equipment or I take the kit with me to the nail salon and have them apply it there.  It doesn’t last QUITE as long as a traditional gel manicure but my nails always need to be redone before then for regrowth anyways.deborah lippman gel lab

how to wear pink lipstick…over on little miss momma today

when i wanted to start this blog i called this woman because she knows a thing or two or one million about the blogging world.

she is so smart, insightful and HONEST.

she has been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.

I love having inspiring friends.

Creative friends.

Successful friends.

Happy friends.

Imperfect friends.

Friends who lead.

Friends who need you to lead sometimes.

Friends who know who they are.

Friends who are trying to figure out who they are.

Friends who look for the good around them.

Friends that laugh at the bad.

Friends who are different from me.

Friends who are similar to me.

Am i officially rambling now?  Yes, I am.

Ashley is quickly becoming a good friend and she embodies so many of these things I love in a friendship.

today i am over on her blog, little miss momma, talking about one of my favorite and most affordable spring accessories…BRIGHT PINK LIPS!


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