beauty closet… easy dress, easy concealers for LOTS of coverage

big dresses for body coverage with breeziness underneath are my jam right now. this shirtdress from urban outfitters is thick and roomy. it will transition real nice into the fall.

and these concealers have become my face coverage jam. see why.

side note: ello decided to make a ” real live ocean” in our bath tub for his polar bears to swim in. he is checking out their progress, one was drowning.

urban outfitters black dress urban outfitters black caftan shirtdress


best concealers for the job

dress (and i think i might have this hemmed to just an inch or two under my knee) / sandals / vintage bolo tie from this amazing shop

1. covergirl illuminator (comes in three shades, the light is really light)

2. bobbi brown tinted brightener ( i use bisque 3 and yes i like it more then the YSL version. remember THIS post. a must read, still one of my favorites and i use the tricks EVERYDAY.)

3. covergirl tru blend fixstick (i use medium/light)

4. laura mercier secret concealer ( i use 2)

5. urban decay 24/7 concealer  (if this were easy to sharpen i would give it a 10 the matte coverage is flawless but it is such a pain to sharpen and you lose so much make up in the process.)

fridays… i can’t stop waving my hair

i have been ready for a change with my hair regime lately.  i am taking myself back 2001 and i can’t stop waving my hair with a three barrel waving iron. so easy and a little funky. i am into it. we call it mermaid hair in my house.

i can't stop using my three barrel waverand can we take a moment to laugh at my dead serious model face? thank you.

how to get mermaid waves with a waver | the blue closet

i got my waver from a dear friend. you can find it here.


beauty closet… best sunscreens for EVERY situation

written by beauty contributor lacey…

My love/hate relationship with the traditional “white paste” is one that is longstanding.  At 32 I cannot explain how much I covet a good sunscreen.  It is a bandaid that covers up my boo-boos of summers past, and yet also my hope that the Fountain of Youth is alive and doing well assisting me in the fight for preservation.  However, this was not always the case.  There are so many questions I have for my teenage self-regarding the sun and its effects…

There was the “Sun-In  phase”… WHY?

The summer job I held for FIVE years as a lifeguard, Why couldn’t I simply settle for summers in the A/C at a bookstore gaining knowledge as opposed to preparing my body for a lifetime of cancer checks and paranoid dermatology visits?

And most importantly, the question that haunts me to this day… why do I simply CRAVE that Vitamin D serotonin boost (with zero replications even coming close) that seems to only be delivered with a little bit of sunshine?  I crave the sun on my face like some people crave sand between their toes.  Nothing makes me happy like rays of sun that have kissed my face and left their mark.

I am a sun addict and an outdoor enthusiast, an adult who spent her teens and a majority of her early 20’s abusing her skin.  I have some serious making up to do, I know it, I own it, and I accept it.  After years of trying, testing, and my all-time favorite, product discontinuation, I am ready to share a few that are rocking my makeup, beach, and handbag this season.

My Picks:

  • For the day I finally get off and can brunch with the BFF or the new crush:

1. Josie Maran SPF 40.  It has nourishing Argan Oil in it to hydrate my skin and the added punch of SPF 40 to protect me in case I get the seat in sun.  When my skin needs a break, this with a ponytail, some cheek gelee, and a coat or two of mascara, brings it. (It has also been reformulated this season for the first time since it hit the market, now offering a better boost of hydration than the original).

  • For the Campaign Trail Advisor who is knocking on doors or volunteering in the local parade:

2. La Roche Anthelios SPF 50 Anti Aging Primer and Sunscreen  Some days I have to have full blown conversations with citizens about serious matters in 110 degree weather, all while maintaining a polished and professional face.  This product keeps me perfectly matte and it is SPF 50.  It is like a shield of coverage that keeps my skin both protected and flawless.  I never hit a Meet and Greet without it!

  • For the Golf Caddy working the green:

3. Solbar Zinc SPF 38 $14 Does it all, come rain or shine.  Goes on white, but protects like no other.  My tried and true for any weather condition.  I lather it on my face, arms, and legs. My Dermatologist recommended it years ago, he uses it as well. #sold

other honorable mentions: 4. TiZO 3 $43 / 5. Cetaphil $19 6. Neutrogena beach defense $12

  • For the days I am in my classes or walking around on campus: 

7. La Roche Anthelios Ultra Light $37  Literally Ultra Light.  The lightest I have found yet!  I can layer makeup on it or wear it none.  My face feels bare while being protected with that pack of SPF 50 punch.

  • For the Las Vegas native that cannot get away from the sun, even when I try:

Peter Thomas Roth Mineral SPF 45. (not pictured)$30  My purse always has a powder with SPF in it.  Right now I’m digging the higher protection level than most on the market.  Plus, it has its own lid and the minerals are built into the base of the brush = CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE.

best sunscreens for families

now for the family by Cassaundra

i am so happy about lacey’s picks and am ordering them as i type!  when you have a red head, freckle face boy who loves the outdoors, quick sunscreens become your BFF. he never winces when i pull out these gems. our criteria: strong, quick, sting free and cool. Once the boys are out in the water, little will pull them back in. While surfing in Fiji it seemed every person on the island had one of these sunscreens.


1. colored zinka $6: remember these from those 80′s days in the sun? this is a fun sunscreen that is super thick so you have great control. It is a zinc oxide based formula so it is considered a ray BLOCKER and does not have an SPF rating. you can read more about that here. the thing i like about it the most is that it is a visual reminder every time you look at their faces if you need to reapply. myes loves it because of the colors. period.

2. Sun Bum Zinc Oxide $10: strong, smells amazing like all sun bum products and disappears easily. it doesn’t feel thick or greasy.

3. Sun Bum stick $10: you will literally want to drink this! Myes’ stocking was filled with these and Sun Bum chapsticks this year. He LOVES how they smell and since they sell them at all the local surf shops and his big teenage cousins use it, he feels super old and cool. I love it because it is so easy to apply, goes on smooth, non irritating and does not budge. on a side note:We are HUGE Sun Bum fans and it was only this week that i discovered one of our dear friends is an owner in the company, hi Court! keep making this amazingness, k? k.

4.  Headhunter Tinted Stick Sunscreen: $15 this is straight from hus’ surf bag. it is tinted, almost like a tinted moisturizer.  it stays on so well and again, we love that you can see the tint so you are reminded when you need to reapply.

After all this sunscreen talk, Lacey recommends using this sponge $30 to really scrub out your pores and get them squeaky clean. Especially after a long trip where thick sunscreens are applied every day. We haven’t tried this sponge but it is an inexpensive alternative at $10.

BEST SUNSCREENS FOR teens, tweens and surfers best sunscreens for water play best sunscreens for active kids

best metallic and gold nail polishes

best metallic and gold nail polishes… my four faves. Penny Talk being my most fave. It is the one i have on in my instagram post. the hints of rose gold make it just a smidge more interesting then regular gold… which i also love.

best gold nail polish gold nail polish colors sharing gold nail polish colors metallic gold and silver polish metallic nail polish colors silver and gold metallic nail polishes


sally hansen chrome, essie no place like chrome / essie penny talk / essie good as gold

asos dress $33 / asos boots $133

beauty bag: brighter eyes…november beauty picks

lacey is the friend whenever you see her you HAVE to know what she is doing with skin, make-up and health right then and there. her skin is flawless. i mean FLAWLESS. lacey worked in the cosmetic and skincare field for years before going back to school this year to receive her masters degree in social work and mental health. she is brilliant and her heart shines ten times brighter then her glowing skin.

she has read every review and tried every product coupled with the inside scoop on what is going down in the beauty field she always has a trick or two up her sleeve.


 we made our usual trip to sephora. we spend hours, literally, combing the aisles, trying products, suggesting what we love and discussing pros and cons. this time was extra fun because two of my sister in laws joined us. it is not hard to get people to join lacey at sephora. miracle worker. this month we were on the hunt for brighter eyes and as always, lacey knew what i needed with a two prong approach. step one, cover dark circles and step two, create a fierce brow. here is how she did it.

brighter eyes in 5 steps



Step 1: dab Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener  ($30) under the eye where dark circles occur and blend by gently patting the cream into the skin.

Step 2: Highlight under the brow by running high brow  ($20) across the brow bone, right up to the eye brow hairs. then blend with your finger.

Step 3: using sonia kashuk eye brow pencil ($5.99) fill in sparse areas. shape brow by lightly drawing a line from the inner brow to the outer by following your existing brow hair line. you are not creating a new line, just filling and shaping the existing brows.  then go back through with more pressure using tiny flicks of the pencils to fill in any gaps. make marks going in both directions to really fill them in. don’t be scared.

Step 4: use the gimme brow ($22) wand to fill and set the brow. go over the eyebrow to add volume and fullness to your brow.

how to brighten eyes fast

do eyeshadow and eyeliner as you normally would.

Step 5: finish by lining the inner corners of eyes and the inner bottom eyelid with high brow or a nude liner, not white, nude color.

and bam my sleepy eyes were looking refreshed and lovely.

of course lacey would never leave me without encouraging me to drink a gallon more water a day. i love best friends.

sign off xoxo image