ruby tuesdays…camo leggings and ankle boots

ruby may be found guilty of having a uniform and if she was this would be it for the fall. leggings and ankle boots. now while these camo leggings are not “technically” leggings they have a legging like feel, they pull on and they move just like a legging so they are like a legging pant, a pegging, the jegging’s comfy but modern step sister. i kid. however, these “pant-leggings” are a little thicker and warmer, great for older girls or girls not so comfortable letting their booty show in leggings, and they have a snap closure and zipper.  AND as far as we are concerned camo is a neutral so these babies go with everything.

camo leggings for kids crew cuts camo leggings for kids

zara boots for kids

the other half of ruby’s uniform would be her ankle boots. she loves a boot and who doesn’t?  if you have followed for a while, you know she wore these into the ground. literally, the heel was dissolved into nothingness.  when she complained a month ago that her feet hurt after wearing said boots i peeled them off her red feet to find the boots were two sizes smaller then her current size and she had red marks all over her toes where she was cramming those suckers in. i am officially nominating myself in the worst mom category.

her determination has to be admired though to hang on to her favorite boots to the bitter end. miss james would never complain about such a thing. never uttered a word. not when she had grown them by one size, not when she struggled to shove her heel in and not when the yard duty told her they were “inappropriate for soccer”. no complaints. thats how she is.  i banished the boots and as a result she was left a little frustrated in the mornings. we searched online and as soon as she saw these she wanted them and i can’t blame her. all those ankle straps? yes please.

so her loud clickity clacking is back in the house. her uniform has come full circle and she is happy again. leggings, ankle boots and this cardigan that says “I’ll be in my teepee” which cracks her up.

cardigan $32 / shirt $22/ pants$58 / boots $59 want more boot inspiration in all prices? check out this post.

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ruby tuesdays…put that in your pattern mixing pipe…

pattern mixing.

it has become the stamp of fashion bloggers across the globe. it is a trend we took and ran with. luckily for kids it plays right into what they want to wear already.

now…missy rubes. she is fearless and natural.

she fell in love with this target camo jacket for kids the moment she saw it. i loved the incorporation of the tribal print but the pink spikes made me pause… i still think the use of pink is a step too far outside of the “its already a camo jacket with tribal print and spikes isn’t that enough” zone and i have considered painting them gold myself, and i still might, but the rest is just what she wants.

shoot, its just what i want and already have and pull out at least once a week. (see herehere, here , here, here and here all under $60)

target camo jackettarget camo & tribal jacket for kidstarget camo jacket for girls_1

 target camo jacket/ ikat tank (old) / distressed boyfriend jeans/ ankle boots (old from zara try these)

can you wear camo?

the camo trend toddler camo pants


leo camo 2

leo camo 3

ello camo 4

 camo for all collage

1. zara camo shirt 2. document holder 3. paul frank sunnies 4. vans half cabs 5. madewell skinnies (or try these for under $40) 6. next direct skirt


a friend recently asked me, “how do you feel about the camo trend”?

so then i obsessed about it until i figured out just how i would do it. i would do this same outfit but swap out the denim shirt for this camo one.

nordstrom camo studded shirt


i love how sincerely jules wears it here.

camo coat with dress

sincerely, jules

still thinking you can’t wear it? how about this little dose?

gap camo ballet flats