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what to wear in family photos… peaches and cream

for my most often asked question, what should we wear in our family photos here is a little color story i have been thinking of. peaches and cream.  everywhere i look there is peach. pretty, soft, simple and great layered with lots of cream accents.

mom photo shoot outfit

white top / jcrew shorts / topshop cardigan / herringbone throw / necklace / sandals / teepee image via pinterest

dad outfit for photo shoot

men’s timex watch / vintage skateboard / vans / striped shirt / gray pants / modern home

kids photo outfits

stripe shirt / peach toddler sweatshirt / burlap toms / bone colored khakis / youth ringer tee / gray hoodie / coral native shoes / ikat tunic for girls / ball necklace /

here are what i think pairs well with peach

peach color swatch

and just in case you didn’t see enough peaches and cream, here are some more ideas to fit every style:

peach bowtie

pair this gingham bowtie  for boys with a khaki suit or cuffed chinos and rolled up sleeves on their oxford

colorblock cardigan

are you a little bit of a hipster family? pair this colorblock cardigan with a striped tee.

peach tulle skirt

pair this sweet tulle skirt with a white tee, denim jacket, knee highs and the ballet flats below for a classic look.

floral peach flat

floral flats

orange peplum

catch her riding on her beach cruiser in this fun peplum top, denim shorts and slide on sneakers around a beach city for a carefree and relaxed portrait.

peach bow girl

have an art lover? let her express herself with this quirky rendering top on top. high top sneaks on the bottom. this is just enough graphic to be interesting, not distracting.

peach shirtdress

anthropologie not available online

cream and gray sweater monaco




club monaco sweater




peach button up

similar at anthropologie

stripe maxi

taylor joyfolie ankle strap shoes

joy folie flats
coral polka dot leggings

crew cuts leggings.

these would be great under a long slouchy sweater for a casual look or layer a button up with a sweeter and ballet flats. or  try them peeking out of the bottom of a trench coat.

floral sundress

for a field or rustic shoot i would keep this floral sundress simple with soft leather sandals and put everyone else in khaki and shell colored clothing.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.42.43 AM



pretty floral cardigan by boden



stella polk skirt


stella mccartney polka dot tulle skirt.

i would pair this with a simple cardigan (or the one above) and metallic flats to let the ombre polka dots be the star of the outfit.

convinced you can’t get the older boys in peach? i know my hus wouldn’t go for it. i would layer mine in creams and grays. BUT if the guys in your life are more daring here are some fun pieces to try.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.32.23 AM




quiksilver coral chino




striped mens hoodie

perfect for the beach shots this super casual flannel will help him relax in front of the camera. and it comes in sizes from little boys to mens.

jcrew mens peach




mens peach




Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.29.18 AM



suede studded flats



Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.27.53 AM




alice and olivia pumps




Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 2.05.49 PM

next pull on coral chinos. a great update from just plain blue denim. these would work great for baby and toddlers.

baby week… the essential newborn hospital pictures

for our last day of baby week we are talking newborn pictures. what are the essential newborn pictures every mom wants to have but can’t think about on the day of the baby’s birth? here is the run down. get’n wordy today folks.

newborn badge


most moms would say, “the day my child was born was the best day of my life”.

not all moms but many. i realize for some that day is filled with sadness or sorrow as complications arise or hopes are not met so i want to acknowledge that first.

i would like to add  the day AFTER baby’s birth as  one of the “best days of my life”.  the morning AFTER my children are born is so special to me.

i love the feeling of waking up and thinking, “wait, where is that little critter? i need to seem them NOW”.  and “did that really happen? is there a whole new person in my life that i love completely?”  when the nurse brings them into my room,  i examine them all over again. babies change so much after the trauma of the first day (reason #3 for taking pictures the day AFTER baby is born) and i love to see how their cheeks are a little creamier. their clean skin has that smell only babies have that cannot be bottled.

mercilessly i take them out of their blanket cocoon to look at their rolls (or chicken legs in ruby and ello’s case).

the temptation is just too great to not see a naked baby. i have to. i nussle under their chin. i look at their hair in the natural sunlight to see it’s color and predict what it will be.

i am never right.

i practice saying their name to be sure it fits.

and as my sister is constantly making fun of me for, i smell their breath. its the best. i squeeze my flat nose right in between their cubby lips and breathe in their smell. their scent. am i gross? anybody else do this?

i savor this time. me and my new baby, alone in my room. everyone else is gone and will be back soon. its just baby and me. its this moment when i think. where have you been? we have only just met yet i feel like i was missing you, exactly you.  this time is so precious to me . i have to capture it. have to remember it. have to look back and try and breathe it all in again.

they are my most favorite pictures of the whole experience.


newborn photo tips


baby ello

i get baby dressed. i take a few shots without a hat on just so i document their  hair and head roundness and circumference.

then i always put the hat back on.

the reason you ask? their head seems fine to you but when you look back at those pictures you are going to see how odd and misshapen their dome is. just use a hat, trust me. you won’t regret it.

i like the regular hat the hospital gives you but i also like the texture of a chunky knit hat against their smooth skin as well.

newborn knit hat

baby ello

check out these hats by american apparel


my nephew baby b


you have to get the toes. all wrinkled and perfect.

baby feet

 baby ello



cyn kain photography



the hospital band, the name on the basinet,



when you let the family back in the room  get a good picture from above for perspective.

for these shots i stood on the hospital bed, made sure i had a really good grip on the camera and shot straight down. the perspective of them alone in their crib or with siblings leaning over is always something that happens naturally and lends an idea of how tiny the new baby is.


my nephew b again with two of his siblings


ruby looking over baby ello

look here for some great photos by photographer becky kimball

and more of shoulders, knees and toes by tara whitney here.

baby sleeping with mouth open

 baby ruby. black and white is great for newborns to reduce the redness and splotchiness of their skin.

newborn hospital outfit ideas

deer romper / pack of 5 onesies / off white onesie / little hip squeaks blanket/ button hat

newborn hospital outfit girl

neon top by noe and zoe thanks ashley;) / knit diaper cover / wave blanket / pom pom hat

for more baby style ideas check out my pinterest board here.


round up best snow boots for families and kids…

this little family went to the snow and had a revelation…we don’t know how to dress for the snow.

it is only a three hour drive to the snow. we go every year after christmas.

this year there was actually legit, pull- your -sled- out -and- go- down- that -really- pretty -snowy- hill -without- mud -and- rocks -scraping- the- bottom- of- your- sled- type snow. it was reeeal nice.

we were not that prepared. it is the same thing every year. i see snow clothes at random in the gap and think “oh snow clothes, but we only go once a year”.

i don’t get them. then they are gone. then we go to the snow. we panic. we stop at the only store in town, kmart, and pick up some really bad snow clothes.

this year we didn’t even stop at Kmart so myes didn’t have proper boots and kept sneaking into mine. the kids only had mittens, not waterproof gloves and no goggles or sunglasses. so after they handed us our Parent’s of the Winter Season award we decided it was time to start looking for some proper snow clothes, because this year we are going to the snow two times.  yep. so the search has begun.

the key to happy snow kids is warmth. daddy got them all patagonia jackets this year which were life changing. they are light weight so the kids don’t feel too younger brother from the Chirstmas Story-ish walking in the snow, BUT warm. real real warm.

i usually try to buy gender neutral so we can pass everything on down. it doesn’t always work, when ruby looked at me with those eyes and begged for pink boots, i caved. however, her super small gray bibs are all me baby. no caving there.

ruby sledding

ruby sledding


ruby sledding 3

and baby ello, well his pants are maybe for a 12 month old…but you can’t tell from looking at the length can you? baha. poor kid, doesn’t even know.

ello in the snow


myes in the snow



we decided to take our outfits public since we were lookin so fly and put the kids in ski/snowboard school. as you can tell ruby is super self conscience and not having any fun at all.


 myes caught on so fast and did great… the instructor said he was the best in the class if you will allow me to brag for a moment.myes ski school


ruby ski school 2



ruby skiing 1


so here is a round up of the best snow boots for families and kids… i mean a mom and her kids, sorry hus:)

family snow boot round up

converse boys boots/ white timberland boots/ green hunter boots from piperlime/ red free people boots

boys snow boots


fairaisle boots/ crocs snow boots/ classic sorrels / yellow martin boots

girls snow boots

white and cheetah ugg / pink suede boots / tan suede boots / red rubber boots

for many many more styles check out my pinterest board

ruby tuesdays…she lives by leggings

ruby tuesdays lives by everyday leggings…

do these look familiar?

they have been a holiday staple this season.  remember them here with the sweater. with a similar striped tee here.

if ruby could pick what she was going to wear everyday, this is what it would be. ruffles and leggings.

i find that jcrew leggings although more expensive are worth it. they are thicker and wash much better then many other brands.

they are soft and comfy and with their charming designs, nine times out of ten they are the leggings she pulls out of her drawer.

everyday leggings


everyday leggings 2




leggings round up

holiday dresses for girls…

can i tell you how much i love holiday shopping season? and shopping for what my kids will wear all season. i am usually done by thanksgiving because i am a freak. the idea of lines and not getting exactly what i want is not worth the heart palpitations. however, this year, we are taking a trip to new york so i would be a fool, a fool i tell you, to not wait for that shopping trip. to apeace my freakish nature i will round up ideas for you. i saw lots of these trends: lace, sequin, jewel tones, embellished collars, peter pan collars and embellished dresses and jacquard.

i am so excited about this next  week. i have been working real hard on outfit and gift ideas for your little ones this holiday.

today…girls holiday dresses

saturday… boys holiday dressy ideas

sunday… holiday hair made easy

monday… baby gift round up

tuesday…how ruby does the holidays, essential pieces to get us through every celebration

thursday…tween gift round up

friday… boys gift round up

stay tuned and check back often… easiest way to stay up to date? follow me on Facebook or twitter


last year ruby wore this red bib dress and it was so cute and unique. we paired it with white knee highs and classic black mary janes… it comes in sizes from baby on up so check them out

faith works from etsy


fleur and dot 

fleur and dot

lace holiday dresses for girls

Zara Crochet Dress /gap lace shift dress (for little girls there is an amazing rose gold lace dress in stores only, check it out / FOREVER 21 GIRLS Ribbon Lace Dress

Peter Pan Collar Dresses for Holiday

jewel tones…
H&M All for children Apple dress

 gold dress from H&M
i sat in h&m hemming and hawing over whether to get this dress. its so good. there was another gold pleated shift dress they had that was in the same line as ruby’s gold lame skirt that was fantastic.   as i closed my eyes to picture my darling girl walking into church all sophisticated and fancy  wearing this, for the life of me i could not picture it… clean. splatters and food and who knows what would decorate the beautiful gathers i just knew it
if you get this PLEASE share how it worked. i am jealous of you.
 for the real fancy girl that digs her heels in when it comes to purple and pink.
the top left dress? are you kidding? beautiful.
spency but gorgeous and classic if you can do it
also check out gap’s pretty line of jacquard  shift dresses for every age.
what dresses are your girls wearing this season?