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ello… the next LeVar Burton of reading rainbow

ello has become a story teller. and when i say story teller i mean he tells really long stories of fantasies with lots of big cats, occasional dinosaurs and always motorcycles. bears creep in but quickly get eaten by his dad. the stories are rad. they are long. like 15 minutes for a three year old type long.

so as we hung out all on our own one afternoon he caught me up on his brain. he told me all about the mountain lions. and in case you were wondering mountain lion halloween costumes are not easy to come by. we’ve checked.

this afternoon as he talked and talked and talked i took out my camera and tried to grab every expression that came across his sweet face in his second most favorite spot of our house, the reading and art nook (his first is in the air in the middle of the family room as he jumps from the couch to the ottoman over and over again. not matter we say he wont stop.). he is also playing with the clay figurines his hero myes made for him. a mountain lion, a bear and a motorcycle. don’t act surprised.

prefresh okay sweatshirt for boys

prefresh crewneck sweatshirt for kidsprefresh okay sweatshirt details

 ello’s favorite part of this sweatshirt? the thumb holes. now this is a sweatshirt made with little wiggly boys in mind.

a few days later that little wiggly boy and i hung out in my room.

he told me “this is how i smile in my school pictures mom.” so i took pictures. like a really good mom.

ello prefresh sweatshirt ello bw layered okay sweatshirt for boys

we have felt a slight chill in the mornings and evenings.

i jumped at the chance to get out our prefresh sweatshirts.

do you know prefresh? if you don’t and you have boys, you should.

their clothing crosses  the quirky and childlike energy we love about children’s fashion with great design and colors.

we love this army green sweatshirt. okay? okay.

and myes, well he was pretty ticked that the prefresh package had nothing in his size, not that it doesnt come in his size i just didn’t order that clothing hoarder ANYMORE clothes. he kept holding up this shirt and saying, “mom, this will fit me, i swear.”


the OTHER great thing about prefresh? if you follow them on insta you will be the first to know about their killer sales! i got this bad boy with a great fall discount. woop.

my shadow…#printsandpatterns


like most moms the end of the school year is busy. days are filled with last minute class projects, field trips, talent shows, graduations and baseball games. sometimes i think may and june are just as busy as december.

as the very last (except not really because there is still 10 ft. of moulding to put in) construction worker pulled his dusty rig from our driveway last week. i did a dance. a happy dance. a very happy dance. i forget what a homebody i am until i have to spend my days out of my home, avoiding construction workers and dust and fumes and nails and 1,000,000 other dangers.

since the workers have left i have been home. and my shadow has been right there with me. i could breathe this week. so i took one look at this boy with “white hair” and said, “ello, want to play tracks?”

“yesh!”  he said.

we set up tracks. we rode monster trucks along the couch and flipped them off the ottoman. in case you didn’t know, and i did not, the ottoman is the best place for monster truck flipping to happen.

ello crew cuts bw

and then he hung around a lot in my bathroom as i put things away. he never stops talking. there is a constant running commentary on the goings on of the house when ello is around.

“mom, what color my humpback whale shorts? do you like humpback whales mom? they nice. killer whales will eat you out of the water but not humpback whales because they have stripes. i have stripes too. you like my stripes mom? you see my stripes mom?”
ello bw tank

ello in crew cuts 3

“mom, you like my tank top? you see my muscles?”

ello in crew cuts swim

ello in crew cuts tank

this guy goes everywhere with me. he is my shadow. my sweet shadow with the white hair and the endless supply of questions.

ello crew cuts tank and shorts

ello tub


ello tub 2


 crew cuts tank and shorts #printandpatterns

ello in gap’s spring collection shorts and v-necks

ello and i hung around the house this last week. literally hung. and jumped. and roared. and even flew.

he is grumpy. always. and always hungry. the average breakfast for this boy would be a scrambled eggs, banana and peach yogurt. an hour later he will ask for another banana and yogurt.

i am not sure how he is so little. maybe it is all the jumping and flying around he does. regardless, he remains little. his shorts here are cinched all the way, size 2T.

i haven’t bought gap shorts for boys for a couple of years because they look like they need to be ironed when they are out of the wash and i am just not going to do that. the pockets always get a little wonky.

they had a great selection of colors this spring so i decided to give it another go.

i do however always love their v-necks. so the baby ello got a few of those. thanks friends and family.

ello in gap




ello collage


ello collage2


ello jumping web

 perfect for runnin around the house. loose and comfy.

gap vneck / gap shorts

can you wear camo?

the camo trend toddler camo pants


leo camo 2

leo camo 3

ello camo 4

 camo for all collage

1. zara camo shirt 2. document holder 3. paul frank sunnies 4. vans half cabs 5. madewell skinnies (or try these for under $40) 6. next direct skirt


a friend recently asked me, “how do you feel about the camo trend”?

so then i obsessed about it until i figured out just how i would do it. i would do this same outfit but swap out the denim shirt for this camo one.

nordstrom camo studded shirt


i love how sincerely jules wears it here.

camo coat with dress

sincerely, jules

still thinking you can’t wear it? how about this little dose?

gap camo ballet flats