ruby tuesdays… crew cuts all you need is love tee

as soon, and i mean as soon as there is a cloud in the sky we are on it. long sleeves, sweatshirts and flannels all the way. i even busted out my ridiculous stock of  beanies. around here we like to take it just one step further. did you say 30% chance of rain weather app? you did? okay, neon rain boots are a must then. for school she also topped this look with a chambray blazer but whatdaya know? that 30% didn’t really come to fruition soo the blazer was gently crumpled and shoved in the bottom of  her backpack.

crew cuts all you need is love shirt

have i mentioned my premature empty nest syndrome? i haven’t. that’s because i should be embarrassed. truly. nobody told me though that when they go to kindergarten they are suddenly over you. okay you told me but i didn’t really believe you because i was busy enjoying my  five seconds of silence.  i learned that the hard way two years ago and my heart is stinging all over again from going through it with this love. it is not the kids being out of the house that has my heart stinging. i am enjoying my solitary walks down the aisles of  trader joe’s.  it is more the emotional disconnect that i speak of. she seemed so little for so long and now all the sudden she is fancy pants, writing words, reading words and doodling “boo!” on every writeable and non- writeable surface she can find. why did i refinish that table again? my baby girl isn’t such a baby girl anymore.

crew cuts girls leggings

and she has all these rad moves, including a front flip i have not captured, to prove it. she is going through growing pains, figuring out friendships, acting big one day and suddenly running after me in tears the next. kindergarten is amazing and at the same time slightly heart breaking.crew cuts leggingscrew cuts kids fashion blogbut wether she is growing up or not her shirt (which has become an instant go to item. you will be seeing much more of this) says it all…

“all you need is love.”

shirt $34.50 (on sale in other colors)/ leggings $24.50/target boots $22.99

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kid style watch… t-shirt dress and sneakers

one trend i am loving right now? t-shirt and sweatshirt dresses with sneakers. so cute, so comfy and so easy. paired with a backpack and hat or an easy messy top knot and they have the perfect laid back sporty look.



1 $42 try this one for $28.99/2 $9.95 /3 $12 for set of 6 /4 $55 try this lovely for $23 and i love this one for $20 /$50

have you tried the 5 panel hats yet? hus got me one this summer and loved wearing it on the boat an out running errands.

gray sweatshirt dress for kids

jcrew sweatshirt dress / saucony shoes / old navy sweatshirt dress / old navy sneakers

love how MR wore sneaks and some fancy pants here.

and look at the “cool girls” working it here.

and these peeps are just rad, i especially love the vans.

ruby tuesdays…cute gymnastics clothes for girls

ruby is getting ready to start gymnastics again for the fall and we are always on the look out for cute gymnastics clothes for girls.

cute gymnastics clothes for girls

tumble shorts / kids birkenstocks / leotard / pullover sweatshirt / gold no slip headband / scrunchie

playground and tumble shorts are popping up everywhere from target to jcrew. they are great for those active girls who are jumping on the trampoline to practicing kart wheels. american apparel also has a selection we love. this pair is our fave.

a grey pullover is great for chilly gyms like ours’. by cutting the neck it make it easier to slip on and off and adds a little coolness.

can you believe the scrunchie is back? no better way to try out the recurring trend then on your ponytail at gymnastics.

keep fly aways out of your eyes with this sparkly no slip headband.

and finally i can’t wait to get ruby some kid birkenstocks. they make running late to the gym after school a snap so she can hurry to get out on the mats.

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sophisticated tribal trend now…

still want to be a part of the tribal trend?  try it in sophisticated blacks, blues and whites this season that will EASILY transition into fall.


1. jcrew popover $88 (prediction this is gonna be the jcrew anchor shirt of two years ago)

2. throw

3. tribal necklace from etsy $34

4. jcrew boyfriend jeans $168

5. raffia tote $398

6. sam edelman sandals $130 swap these out for ankle boots this fall.


ruby tuesdays… preschool graduation in her j crew chambray dress

ruby had two preschool graduations this year. she belonged to a group called “joy school” where I, along with three other amazing moms, took turns teaching the small group of our own four girls.

i never thought i would be a mom that could do a homeschool preschool.

i was hesitant. i didn’t think i had the patience. i didn’t think i had the time. i doubted my ability to resolve conflict between children. i doubted pretty much everything. however, with the support and encouragement of my dear friends my opinion completely changed.

i loved planning the lessons. i loved having the girls over. i loved seeing how they interact with one another. some of my favorite days were the field trips. we went to local farms and learned about their animals, their crops and how they support local economy. we took a tour of krispy kreme donuts and learned how they make the donuts. our last trip was the Santa Barbara zoo i posted about here. it was the perfect way to end this chapter in our lives. this chapter where she is home with me.

i can’t believe she is moving on to kindergarten. being home with ruby has been nothing short of amazing. she has my heart so completely it aches to have to release her into the world.  even if it is just to kindergarten. i get ready because i will probably talk about this all summer long.

crew cuts chambray dress

teacher supply gift basket

this year we kept it very simple by giving the teachers supplies from their classroom wish lists.

crew cuts chambray dress 2

right before the ceremony started ruby looked nervous and shy and she was.  the fun and carefree girl i know at home disappeared and a small version of myself was there. i am not sure why it surprised me to see this reluctance overcome her. i hate crowds, audiences and attention on me and apparently she has a similar perspective. she performed the gestures and mouthed the words to the songs but her heart was not in it. she looked at me with hesitant eyes and my heart kind of broke. it was painful to see something so hard for me evident in her.

j crew chambray dress

and here she is at our joy school graduation at homejoy school graduation

me and ruby joy school grad

jcrew chambray dress $39/ zara sandals $39